Dear Parents

On Thursday morning, four Year 6 representatives and I attended the Archbishop's LifeLink Day and Year of Mercy event at Lake Monger Reserve.

In readiness for this special event each child in the Primary school prepared a special paper chain. Each of the individual chains were then collated into a class chain and then all our class chains were joined to form our school's paper chain.

At Lake Monger, Zoe Bennecke, Sarah Few, Luca Matthews and Zachary Skerratt helped to create a visual display by linking our chain to the other schools' chains as a symbolic representation of what can be achieved by working together to make a real difference for those in need in our community.

I was very proud of our student ambassadors as they introduced themselves to Archbishop Timothy Costelloe, Auciliary Bishop Don Sproxton and Catholic Education (CEWA) Executive Director Dr Tim McDonald. It was lovely to see the students proudly representing the College and talking to the guests about our College motto 'Seek Justice' and how we can demonstrate acts of compassion in our everyday lives. In speaking to all the students and staff from Catholic schools at the launch, Archbishop Costelloe reminded us that each school is different, and special, but we all have one thing in common: each school has Jesus at its heart. In this Year of Mercy, we are all reminded to be 'large hearted people'. At the end of this term we will have a free dress to open our hearts and raise funds for LifeLink agencies.

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

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Congratulations to all the students that are receiving their First Communion this weekend.

A big thank you to all the parents for providing the delicious morning tea for the staff to enjoy at recess today.


Over the past few weeks, Years 5 and 6 have been involved in Winter fixtures against Carmel School. Our netball girls have played very well with some very strong performances. The football team has played in two very narrow losses but Mr Fromm assures me that the team is just priming itself for a full-on assault at the 'Eagles Cup' competition. This will be held at the Winter Lightning Carnival in two weeks. Our highly talented soccer teams were very dominant in the first fixture at Carmel and hockey team showed their talents too. The students are eagerly looking forward to the up-coming Lightning Carnival on Thursday 23 June at the College.


John Alderman Primary
Sports Coordinator


At the beginning of the year Genevieve Ferguson-Allen and I, James Green, were given the Year Six leaders role of maintaining the garden in Angelo's Village. We were both so excited to have been given that job because we could see the things that we could improve. After discussing and planning our ideas we approached Miss De Pinto to talk about how we could put our plans into action. With the help of Mr Van Herk, the Sustainability Officer of the college, we have really made this garden begin to thrive and have also brought together the junior students to participate in some great sessions in our Green Thumbs' Club.

Our Goals

At the beginning of this project we set three goals that we wanted to achieve with our time in this role. They were…

  1. Education
  2. Community Connections
  3. Environmental Sustainability

So far we achieved…

Education education.jpg

  • We have taught the younger students how to look after the garden.
  • They have learnt what to do if they see someone hurting or damaging the plants and how to fix it.

Community Connections community.jpg

  • We have established a lunchtime club for the Year 1's, 2's and 3's called the 'Green Thumbs' Club. Once a week, Genevieve and myself together with some Year Six volunteers and children from the Junior Primary clean up the garden and maybe even plant some new plants.
  • We have connected with the High School by visiting their community garden with a group of Junior Primary Students. Mr Van Herk kindly gave us a tour.

Environmental Sustainability recycle.png

  • We have planted many healthy veggies such as potatoes, tomatoes and beans that everyone can enjoy.
  • We have recently been given a fabulous worm farm that we are in the process of installing. These worms will produce lovely fertiliser from the students' lunch food scraps that we can put on our garden.

We look forward to continuing to achieve our goals and creating a special garden for all to enjoy.

James Green (6G) and Genevieve Ferguson-Allen (6B)