This has been another exciting and busy week for Magis. For three days we ran a Magis Workshop for gifted students from Years 7 and 8. Students from John XXlll College joined students from Corpus Christi College to work through complex ideas related to modernity and postmodernity in an effort to critically evaluate western thinking and what it means to be human. We began the Workshop with a philosophical engagement with the ideas and then moved on to work with the ideas in photographic essays. I am very grateful for assistance from many staff members including Katie Persse, Brad Tyrell, Catherine Woods and Alumni Tom Atkins (Class 2008). Without this support it is difficult to plan and execute programs that take students well beyond curriculum. We finished the Workshop with a day at the Art Gallery of Western Australia where the students completed a Philosothon. It was a real privilege to be able to work in such a great space and in particular with the exhibition Picasso to Warhol: 14 Modern Masters. The students responded brilliantly to the work and I found myself really in awe of the scope of their engagement. Here it is important to thank the Gallery, in particular Education Officer Lisa Young and John XXlll College parent, Ragen Haythorpe who has a background in philosophy. The Gallery provided a perfect site for an exploration of the human condition. Our Magis Workshop has been a source of interest for many local schools. St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls sent a teacher to observe yesterday. She spent the day with me as I worked with the students and had many questions about our program. The Philosothon gave us insight into how we might organise the John XXlll College primary Philosothon next year. I will be meeting with Gallery staff to fine tune our program for 2013.

Media Club

Once again our Club met on Tuesday afternoon to film the Daily Notices. It is important to remember that we are now reduced to students from Years 7 to 10. The Media Club is now a very small group of dedicated members. These students are also spending time working on the AV for Presentation Night. One of our Year 8 students, Luis Santos, has composed an original score for the sound track of the students' AV. The Daily Notices can be viewed at:

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator