Year 12 News

It was a pleasure to welcome back our Year 12 cohort today after their study and exam break. The alternate program that they engaged in encompassed a presentation from Paul Dillon about keeping safe whilst on Leavers' Week. The students also had the opportunity to participate in Reconciliation, an exit survey and a Valete rehearsal.

Next week most of our Year 12 students will return to normal timetable for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for exam feedback and revision. On Thursday we will celebrate the Day of Invitation with parents, students and teachers. The day will begin at 9.00am in the Chapel and will conclude about 12.20pm with a parent and teacher guard of honour after the Secondary Assembly. The Valete Ceremony and Dinner will commence in the Gym on Friday at 5.15pm for students, who are expected to wear the full formal uniform. Parents are asked to be seated by 5.50pm. I have included approximate times and further details of both days below.


The Day of Invitation will be held on Thursday 22 October. It is called "Day of Invitation" because students are invited by the Principal to attend. It is a day to celebrate with the students and is part of their rite of passage from school. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend any or all of the following activities.

9:00am Mass in Chapel
10:15am Principal's morning tea in the Hall
11:00am Farewell Assembly in the St Louis Sports Centre
12:20pm Farewell Guard of Honour through the St Louis Sports Centre and Pavilion. Students move off campus and begin study leave.

Valete Ceremony Dress Code

Girl's College blazer, blouse (all buttons fastened), tie, skirt of modest length, College tights (navy), black lace-up shoes (polished), long hair is to be tied back with College colour bands and ribbons, jewellery standards as per uniform code, no makeup or nail polish.

Boy's College blazer, short sleeved shirt (tucked in), tie, long College trousers, College socks, black lace-up shoes (polished), hair is to be cut short above the collar and worn according to the uniform code, jewellery standards as per the uniform code.


5:15 pm All graduands to assemble in D block in the rooms below:
Campion D1
Loyola D4
Koolyangarra D2
St Louis D6
Loreto D3
Ward D5

5:50pm All parents to be seated in the Northern end of the St Louis Sports Centre

6:00pm Ceremony begins

7:30pm Presentation Ceremony concludes

Families move to the Southern end of the St Louis Sports Centre and locate pre-arranged table seating

7:35pm Graduation Dinner begins

11:00pm Graduation Dinner concludes

Lucie Rice - Assistant Deputy Principal Year 12