Around the Primary

Welcome back! The children have returned ready and refreshed for the 'action packed' nine weeks ahead.

We hope many parents will be able to come along to our Masses, Assemblies and other special events during the term. Please check our updated Term 4 Calendar for details. (Attached)

The hectic pace of Term 4 has already set in and it has come to my attention that some children are arriving late for school or leaving early. It is essential that all children attend school from 8:45am until 3:15pm each day.

Just a reminder, to ensure a quick and efficient flow of traffic through the 'loop', families with Junior Primary children are requested to display their 'surname cards' on their sunvisors or on the dashboard of their vehicle. If you need a new or extra surname card for a second vehicle, please email Tracey McGann on

In preparation for next year, we invite all Year 4 parents to join us for an information session on iPads and ICT in education. The iPad has proven to be a valuable addition to learning tools available in the Primary School. We hope all Year 4 parents will be able to attend this important session on Thursday 19 November at 9am or 2.20pm in the Lecture Theatre. More information will follow.

This week all PP - Year 6 classes began the EduDance program. EduDance is a creative dance and exercise program designed specifically for Primary school children to improve levels of health and fitness, while encouraging all students to have fun while they move to music. Students are required to wear their House shirt and sports shorts on their lesson days. The program will culminate in an EduDance Showcase in the gym on Monday 7 December at 2.15pm for all 'G' classes and Wednesday 9 December at 2.15pm for all 'B' classes. Please mark these dates on your family calendar.

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Meeting new and different people is a part of life and it is our role as parents and teachers to support children through change rather than protect them from it. All PP - Year 5 children will meet

It is important to note that parental requests can only be met in exceptional circumstances and letters requesting a particular teacher does not constitute an exceptional circumstance. Individual replies to requests and early notification of class lists will not be provided. I ask all parents to trust that the class you child is going into next year is one in which they will thrive.

Grandparents' Picnic

Special thanks to all the Grandparents that came along to the picnic lunch today. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to visit the classrooms and spend some time with your delightful grandchildren.

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Grandparents are great!

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Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

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