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Former John XXIII College graduate David McNamara (Class 1993) has been spinning tales of adventures and yarns of fiction since graduating high school and completing a degree in creative writing and film/television two decades ago. Originally from Australia, the passage of time, spanning innumerable budget backpacking odysseys has produced its own inevitability - a writer and published author, as revealed by his first book, "Loves, Kerbsides and Goodbyes".

This was the last time John XXIII alumni caught up with David's journey. Since its release in November 2011, David has finished a second travel book titled "Beat Zen & the Art of Dave" which will be out on the bookshelves in December 2015.

While David continues to flout conventional living for a life on the open road, he is not immune to the rapidly changing digital world or globalisation and mobile connectivity. In fact David would argue travel and distance makes him acutely aware of these changes. And his abandonment to a life discovering new places and people has provided him with a unique and privileged insight where he can chart the significance and impact of cultural differences, along with contrasts between generational attitudes.

With this insight comes the appreciation of how the internet and the world of book publishing is evolving. In response to this, David is calling on everyone from iBackpacker to Beat Zen veteran to join the rucksack revolt and see how far his new travel book can travel by supporting his crowdfunding campaign on Pozible.

As the playful and referential title suggests, at its essence "Beat Zen and the Art of Dave" is a wending meditation on the modern vagrant and wayfaring lifestyle. Crowdfunding support comes with great giveaways that would make a fantastic Xmas present from armchair traveller through to adventure misfit. It will also appeal to seekers invested in modern spirituality and personal development, along with collectors of experiences interested in a different way of life.

David has just returned from the USA after gathering material for a third travel book while working on two books of fiction. When he is not seeking out an untold story or an unknown horizon he enjoys blogging creative and travel-themed material, all the while being lost in the spaces between places embracing the vicissitudes, meaning and minutiae of life.

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