Visual Arts

Congratulations to Jessie Lee (12 Loyola) who won the premier Fra Angelico award for her work The Khmer Grandmother, at the opening of the annual Catholic Arts Angelico Exhibition on Tuesday night and took home two trophies and $150. We also found out a few days ago that she won The People's Choice Award at the Cathedral Awards and received another $150. Below is her Artist Statement.

The Khmer Grandmother
In January 2013 my family and I travelled to Cambodia and volunteered in an orphanage for children with severe disabilities. Struck by the poverty and hardships that many had endured there, there was one person whose story had a profound effect on me. The Khmer Grandmother lives in a small hut at the end of the Mekong River, near the Vietnam Border. She has witnessed the horrors of war and famine, and seen many die at the hands of the Pol Pot regime. Yet despite a life of such poverty and hardship she showed incredible strength and resilience in her love, compassion and care for others. Meeting her and her 'grandchildren' at the orphanage was a life-changing experience that I have endeavoured to share through my artwork.

Louise Hoy
Visual Arts Teacher