Around the Primary

Dear Parents,

Thank you to Miss Nish and Year 4B for a very well prepared and presented Assembly item about our world's endangered creatures. Congratulations to all the fantastic students who received a certificate.

There were smiles all round on Monday morning when four special guests from the West Coast Eagles, namely Josh Kennedy, Matt Rosa, Blayne Wilson and Will Schofield delivered an important message to the Primary students about the importance of exercise, teamwork and sportsmanship. Our Year 6 students also participated with great enthusiasm in a skills session with these talented players.

Even though the days are shorter and nights are colder we have had amazing support for the presentation about 'Resilience' by Maggie Dent and also to Sue Beurteaux's Occupational Therapy workshop for Kindy parents regarding helping children build strong fine motor foundations.

As part of Mrs Dent's presentation, she outlined 10 key building blocks (see diagram below) that build healthy self-esteem, and strengthen children's ability to be resilient and bounce back from life's challenges. I encourage all parents to spend a few minutes reading the related article 'The Little Things are the Big Things - Building Resilience'. Please click here.

This week our Year 3 and Year 5 students completed the annual NAPLAN tests. These tests help us to direct our general teaching focus as well as cater for individual student's educational needs. It is important to note we teach from a curriculum and endeavour to provide rich and engaging learning experiences for students that will enable them to show what they have learnt through a variety of assessment methods, rather than just a set of tests over a week. Well done to all students for giving your best efforts this week. Results from these tests will be sent to parents later in the school year.

Kind Regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

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