May 28: Parent meeting with Fr Don Kettle - 7:00pm - Holy Spirit Parish Centre
June 5: Rehearsal 2:00-4:00pm - Holy Spirit Church. This is mandatory for all Confirmation Candidates.
First Holy Communion
June 11: Parent meeting with Fr Don Kettle - 7:00pm - Holy Spirit Parish Centre
June 19: Rehearsal 2:00-4:00pm - Holy Spirit Church. This is mandatory for all First Holy Communion Candidates.

May 29: Confirmation Workshop for Children & Parents
May 17-18: Reconciliation Enquiry Weekend - All Masses
May 24-25: Reconciliation Enrolment - Saturday, or after 9:30 Mass Sunday

Several parishes will Confirm students on the Pentecost weekend, 7th-8th June. In the parishes of City Beach, Floreat, North Beach and Subiaco, John XXIII students will be among who will be confirmed, and are spending these weeks in preparation. Our celebration in parish liturgies on this third Sunday of the month is a way each of us can participate in this communal event.

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This Sunday is the fifth of the seven Sundays after Easter. The following homily is by Jesuit, Fr Richard Leonard SJ. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.

For many people 'going home', means a return to comfort and security. In the best homes children are unafraid, they know that their home is a buffer against some harsh realities beyond the door. As adults we carry that desire for security into all the various homes in which we live.

When we reflect on our childhood homes many of us can say of it what Jesus says of himself. It was the first place almost all of us learnt about 'The Way'. The earliest Christians were called people of The Way. It's a rich image denoting that Christianity is not an idea, it's a way of living, a path to follow.

For better or worse one of the distinctive features of most of our homes is that it's also where we are told 'The Truth'. Sometimes that deflates our egos or means we hear things we would rather not listen to. But hopefully the comfort and love which accompanies this truth telling comes from the ease and care in the relationships at home. Our family doesn't pull any punches with the truth because they know us too well and love us too much.

Most adults also remember their childhood houses as lively. 'The Life' in our homes was about the buzz of children going to and from school, various friends calling in, the reign of organised chaos where space was claimed and a position defended. Minor dramas were never far away and life was lived to the full.

It's not by accident that the image of Jesus preparing us a house and being the Way, the Truth and the Life are put together in today's Gospel. In another part of John's gospel Jesus goes further in describing himself as our master builder, as our home and even our lodger. We are told to make a home in him as he makes a home in us. What a terrific image of the intimacy Christ wants to share with us, and we with him!

The best homes, however, do not just protect and keep their occupants safe for eternity. A home is a means to an end, which is to give us the stability and sanity we need to keep going out to the world beyond it. In the same way, our home of faith with Jesus enables us to keep going out to a sometimes hostile world and share with others the Way, the Truth and the Life that sustains us. In a world where 70% of all people have substandard housing and millions of displaced people have to create homes wherever they are, we have our work cut out for us.

The Way we follow is about justice, development and peace for all people everywhere and not just the select few who can build the biggest mansions on earth. We are invited to keep speaking the Truth even if that makes us unpopular or different or at odds with the majority. And we have to keep living the Life which sees that our greatest joy comes from human dignity being celebrated everywhere.

If all Christians lived out this Way, Truth and Life we would, by His grace, fulfil Jesus' extraordinary prophecy that we could do greater works than He did. Now that's a challenge to take with us into the coming week!


Next Friday, Ward House will be helping to prepare our weekly celebration. Fr Armando Carandang, the chaplain of UWA will be presiding. Thank you again to Father Armando for being available - and especially great for our senior students to have that connection beyond school. But the Community Mass is for all students and parents - come every week, or come when you can. Ward parents and families particularly welcome next Friday.

Where: Chapel

Time: 8:00-8:30

When: Fridays in term time.