Mock Trials

On Thursday evening the John XXlll College Mock Trials Team Compassion was to appear as the plaintiff against Carine Senior High School in the Supreme Court in Perth. However, at 6pm our team was informed that Carine Senior High School was not appearing. Rather than waste the opportunity the students decided to accept the very generous offer from the Law Society to quickly assemble a defence from other students who came to support Team Compassion.


Barristers Annabel Beech and Matthew Lau, solicitor Jacob Donovan, witnesses Emile Perrine and Btadig Taylor, Court Orderly Jessica Pham.


Barristers William Paparo and Simon Stobie, solicitor Reilly Thomas, witnesses Billy Bargmann and Genevieve Longman, Judge's Associate Emily Hackett.

The defence stepped up and constructed a formidable case. The prosecution team acquitted themselves brilliantly and won their case. I am so proud of our students. They responded generously to the challenge, thought on their feet and thoroughly impressed the people watching in the Court. The night was an invaluable experience and we thank Justice Beech for his careful mentoring. Our next trial, with Team Conscience against Ocean Reef Senior High School, will take place on 29 March.

Media Club

The Media Club, under direction from our Media captains James Trapnell and Kate Elliott, has been working on a Magis Presentation for Open Day. This will screen in the Library on Open Day. Club members have spent most of the last few weeks interviewing staff and documenting key aspects of College life for their AV presentation. Next week we commence work on our live news program filming a pilot on Wednesday morning. Media students will also be able to attend a PD on the new camera equipment at 7.30am Thursday 22 March in the Library.

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator