'GOOD NEWS' for 10th Sunday in 'Ordinary Time'

"Young man, I say to you, arise."(Luke 7:11-17)

The reflection for this Sunday's Gospel is a homily by Rev. Prof. Michael Tate. Fr Michael Tate is currently a Parish Priest in the Archdiocese of Hobart and is Catholic Chaplain to the University of Tasmania where he is an Honorary Professor of Law, lecturing in International Humanitarian Law.

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God is the One who has the deep desire and the power to liberate human beings
from the wrenching apart of body and soul in the apparent finality of death.liturgy-030616.jpg

So it is only natural, as it were, that Jesus, who is the body language of God, should liberate this man from the death which has his friends processing with his body through the streets of Nain.

But the man and his friends are not the main focus of Jesus. It may be daring to say that Jesus did not bring the man back to life out of concern for the man.

What do we read? 'When the Lord saw her, he felt compassion towards her' - not him! Who is this 'her' whom Jesus really focused on, whom he particularly saw in that little procession of mourners?

The 'her' was a widow in a patriarchal society. The dead son is not a youngster but a man. He is the breadwinner and protector for his mother. Without an able man in her household, she will be reduced to poverty and be very vulnerable.

And so the Gospel tells us that Jesus 'felt compassion towards her'. The Greek actually says that his guts were in turmoil with pity. So, he does what any gutsy person would do in the situation: his uttermost to help her.

We may say that Jesus restored the life of this man in order to restore the life of the mother. The Gospel emphasises this by telling us the purpose of this saving ministry of Jesus: 'He gave him to his mother.' The miraculous restoring of the son's life was to save the mother. She would now have enough to eat, and be able to live out her years in a secure household.

It is obvious that Jesus had the most alert eyes, always on the lookout for the person whom society would relegate to a miserable existence without some saving intervention.

Can you see those who are vulnerable? Can you perceive how society is organised in such a way as to deny some people the necessities of life: food, shelter, health care, education, companionship? Does the seeing and perceiving send a shudder of compassion through your body, as it did for Jesus?

What intervention do you suggest, for yourself firstly, and then for our national and indeed global society organised on a scale and with much greater complexity than was the little town in Nain?

God does not respond to dehumanising situations by extraterrestrial power. He needs human beings imitating Jesus Christ in this regard. Only when we respond in life-giving ways will others be able to say: 'God has visited God's people.'

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The College Sacrament Program, aligned with Archdiocesan policy, is 'Family-focused, Parish-based and Catholic School supported'.

Families of children in Years 3, 4 and 6 are preparing to celebrate, respectively, the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in their own 'home' parish.

The knowledge component is also covered in the Religion Curriculum of those classes.

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Local Parishes

Some parishes, located near the College, have supplied calendar details for their Sacrament Programs. This information can be accessed via the link to the College website.

The following update, for the Parish of Holy Rosary Nedlands has been added.


First Communion
Make an appointment to speak with Fr Joseph when your child has completed their preparation.

Saturday 17 September - 6:00pm
Sunday 18 September - 8:45am
Information & Faith Formation for parents of candidates: Thursday 21 July - 7:30pm

Saturday 15 October - 10:00am
Information & Faith Formation for parents of candidates: Thursday 11 August - 7:30pm
Contact: Parish Priest, Fr Joseph Sobb SJ

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to some of our Year 3 students who made their First Reconciliation this week! Names will be in next week's newsletter.

Further Information?


Next Friday's Community Eucharist will be prepared by students in Year 10. All are welcome - and we especially look forward to seeing families of Year 10 students next Friday. There are no reserved seats and all the responses are on a PowerPoint! Our own John XXIII College Chapel Choir leads the joyful singing. For those able to stay, the celebration continues after Mass with coffee in the Café.

If you have any queries about Community Mass please contact Mary-Anne Lumley: or 9383 0513.

When: Fridays in Term Time
Time: 8:00-8:30am
Where: College Chapel