Over the past few weeks I have met with academics from three universities to discuss gifted education and the programs we offer through Magis. In the past two decades gifted education has shifted to a focus on pedagogic programs working with diversity and inclusivity. Our wonderful Ignatian model of Magis is a perfect example of cutting edge pedagogy and is regarded as a model for contemporary gifted teaching. Nothing demonstrates this better than the Atticus Finch Justice Award in Year 10. The final for the fourth Atticus Finch Justice Award was held on Monday this week. As the Head of the English Learning Area Ms den Haan said; "The award truly shows students living the College mission through speeches based upon both the Year 10 Religion and English curriculums and driven through the Magis program." All students in Year 10 work on this task to present a speech that demonstrates their understanding of the issues of freedom and justice.

Breandan Kirwan presenting an eloquent speech to his peers

The award is a wonderful example of inclusive curricula, where all students participate. It allows our gifted speakers to then present their work to their peer group, thus it provides a model of excellence that is truly inspiring, and gives them a complex challenge.

I have also been negotiating a new opportunity for our gifted senior students. I am working with academics from the School of Design & Art, Humanities at Curtin University to initiate a digital media course for Year 11 students. We hope to trial the program this year and then extend it next year. Enabling our gifted students to learn in a university environment has a whole range of benefits in terms of extension. Not the least of these is negotiating a learning experience with students from other schools. It is exciting to be able to explore these opportunities.


This week the Primary Area features a new display from the Red Cross. This celebrates one hundred years of the Australian Red Cross. The fact sheets with the display highlight the vital humanitarian role of the Red Cross. In the photograph below Year 8 students Ellen Rolls and Laura Trapnell explore the display after their Koolyangarra Assembly on Thursday.

Our Library team has been very busy preparing for Book Week next week. We will have activities at lunch time every day for primary students. There will also be displays of Lego constructed by students to celebrate favourite books.


  • Bingo
  • Connect 4
  • Lego
  • Connect the dots


  • Green Screen Photographs with Catherine Woods - the location of images will be emailed to class teachers.

Also exciting is the display of new books for Book Week. We have many new fiction books for lower and upper secondary. Our Year 11 Reading Group has already been into the Library to peruse the books as they wait to be accessioned. I expect the Library to be a busy hub of activity next week and we look forward to seeing all students coming to borrow and explore.

Dr Annette Pedersen
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator