St John of God painting commission completed by Samantha Harrison

It is wonderful to see Samantha Harrison, who graduated as our top painting student in 2010, has completed a painting commission for St John of God Hospital for their Children's Surgery Ward. Samantha was commissioned to create a series of six paintings which follow the theme of "The Chase". The purpose of the paintings is to distract children while they are in a hospital about to have surgery and so the series begins in the admission area, follows through with the next four paintings in the ceiling on the route to surgery and the final painting is in the recovery room . The paintings follow the story of two children named Jack and Ava, who playfully eat fruit and chase birds who are trying to steal their fruit throughout the six canvases. After leaving John XXIII College Samantha began a Fine Arts degree at Curtin University but came back to work with Secondary Art Teacher Mrs Debra Ellery, as her mentor for this project. Together they attended meetings at St John of God, planned and discussed each painting throughout the 18 months that the project lasted, while John XXII College sponsored the canvas and paint for the project as they felt it was such a worthwhile idea. Congratulations to Samantha for achieving such an impressive series of paintings for such a worthwhile cause.

Painting 1 Close up of Jack and Ava
Debra Ellery, Samantha Harrison, Visual Arts Captain Luca
Brignoli and Dave Ramsay with daughter Eden from St John of
God Hospital
Mrs Anne Fry with Samantha

Debra Ellery
Secondary Art Teacher