Forensics at Scitech

On Thursday 14th of June, the 10, 11 and 12 Integrated Science classes had a quick visit to Scitech to experience the CSIRO Forensic Science Lab. Students were given a scenario to investigate: Who stole the bones from the museum? Students used science enquiry skills to investigate evidence collected from the scene of the crime. This included analysing mysterious powders, comparing bullet types, matching tyre impressions, analysing fibres and listening to suspect's statements. They made observations, analysed results and developed explanations to help determine who committed the crime.

No trip to Scitech is complete without experiencing the amazing scientific displays on the main floor. We were fortunate enough to visit at the same time as the 'Dinosaur Invasion' exhibition that had very realistic dinosaur models that moved and made noises. All students were fully engaged and, as always, were exceptionally well behaved.

Tamara Weston
Koolyangarra House Coordinator