Dear Parents,

This morning the children from Pre Primary to Year 6 were joined by a huge crowd of mothers for our Mother's Day Mass.

At the Mass all the mothers were invited to stand and face the children. The mothers were then surrounded by love as every child joined in the singing of the Blessing Song. Our Year Ones also sang a Mother's Day song dedicated to all our wonderful mothers. This special song was composed by a teacher, Amanda DeKluyver and highlights the love and tender care the children receive from their wonderful Mothers..

From the day that I was born

You picked me up and kept me warm

Night and day you came to me

So now it's time to say

That I'm thankful everyday

For the love you've brought my way

It's Mother's Day it's your day

We'd like to tell you how very special you are

When there's no one around

To give us love and affection

You're always there

We love you mums out there

You're always there to comfort me

You give me love and everything I need

You're an angel sent from above

Oh we love you

We love you mums out there

Yes we love you

We hope that every mother treasures the special hugs and kisses, the hand written letters and the carefully made gifts, they received from their delightful children.

On behalf of the John XXIII community we thank Fr Jamie Calder SJ for celebrating Mass with us today.

Special thanks the Ms Ilich, Miss Saraco and Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Powell and, of course, all the Year One children for preparing this beautiful Mother's Day liturgy.


Our Year 6 students arrived safely back from Canberra last Friday night. I hope you enjoy reading some of their reflections about their experiences in Canberra.

My favourite day in Canberra was spent at the Australian War Memorial. I really enjoyed all of the displays and dioramas and was fascinated by the fact that everything was authentic. The day was made even better by having lunch at Mt. Ainslie and looking down at Anzac Parade and both the Old and New Parliament Houses.

Ruby Vlahov (6B)

I really enjoyed going to Parliament House and being taken into the chambers. I liked looking at the portraits of all of Australia's Prime Ministers and had fun completing interactive tasks to learn more about them. I couldn't decide whether I like Old or New Parliament House better, they were both awesome!

Lachie Preston (6B)

My favourite part of Canberra was when we visited Questacon. I really like all the Science based activities and stations, they were really engaging and informative. The highlight of the night was visiting the Earthquake room where we got to experience what an earthquake would feel like.

Oliver Mitteregger (6B)

I thought our Canberra trip was a once in a lifetime experience. Visiting the War Memorial and Old and New Parliament House were definitely highlights for me. Questacon was a really fun experience and the free fall slide was definitely worth trying! The AIS dining hall was lovely and it had very nice food and very nice staff. All in all, Canberra was a trip that I will always remember.

Mia Smith (6G)

Our Canberra trip was a great experience. The day at the War Memorial was my favourite because I learnt so much and I really enjoyed all of the different activities we could do at the Discovery Zone. I think Questacon was a really fun place for all of us. It was very interactive and I'm sure everyone enjoyed our night there. My favourite part of Questacon was the four way air hockey. My stay at the AIS was magnificent and if I had the chance I would go back there a million times! I think anyone who gets the chance to go to Canberra should take it!

Levi Young (6G)

The Year Six Canberra trip was an incredible experience. Some of my highlights included visiting the Australian War Memorial, Government House and the Embassy tour. I really enjoyed Questacon and my favourite activities were the free fall and the optical illusions. The Dinosaur Museum was really fascinating and I learnt a lot more about dinosaurs. I had a fantastic time in Canberra and to all future Year six students, please make sure you take the opportunity to go to Canberra!

Olivia Eastwood (6G)


Next Thursday (21st May) we are celebrating a Farewell Mass and morning tea for Mrs Fry. Everyone is welcome along to this special event. As part of these farewell celebrations Mrs Fry is hosting a 'Fry-Up' sausage sizzle. Each child will be provided with a sausage in a roll at lunch-time. (If preferred you are most welcome to provide your child with their own lunch). Mrs Fry is looking forward to sharing lunch with the children next week.

Kind Regards,
Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary