'Family focused, parish-based, catholic school-supported'
Do you have a child in Year 3, 4 or 6?
"Your unique and indispensable role in your child's Catholic Christian formation is one that both school and parish endorse and support. It is your privilege and responsibility, which follows from your commitment when your child was baptised, to present your child for the sacraments."
John XXIII College prepares children for the various sacraments during the course of this year's religious education programs: Year 3 - Reconciliation, Year 4 - Eucharist, Year 6 - Confirmation. These sacraments are then received in your home parish, the parish community in which you regularly participate.

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I have a daughter/son in Secondary who has not been confirmed. Who should I contact?
This frequently occurs when students transfer from overseas or from state schools. In the first instance, contact your parish priest or parish administrator. However if in doubt, email Mary-Anne Lumley (see below).

I know the dates in my parish - shall we just turn up on the day?
No, every parish has an enrolment process that needs to be completed in advance. Contact your parish priest or administrator to enrol.

I would like some further information; who can I ask?
Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison -

Is your parish one of the following?
The following information may assist you.

For enrolment forms please download from this link:
Further information please contact Michelle Rapkoch at: or 0405 556 026.

First Communion - Sunday 7 June, 9:30am
Confirmation - Friday 4 September, 6:00pm (TBC)
First Reconciliation - Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 October, 3:30-4:30pm.
Contact - Silvia Kinder -

First Communion -
Mosman Park: Saturday 6 June - 5 :30pm
Cottesloe : Sunday 28 June - 10:00am
First Communion -
Cottesloe : Sunday 14 June - 10:00am
Mosman Park: Saturday 20 June - 5 :30pm
To enrol your child please access the enrolment form from College website or Contact:

First Communion - 27 & 28 June, 9:30am
Confirmation - 13 & 14 June, 6:00pm (TBC)
First Reconciliation - Wednesday 17 June, 4:00-5:00pm.
Contact - Prue Pupazzoni - or 9387 1158

To enrol your child, please see information on Parish noticeboards or Parish website: Contact: or 9386 1870

Contact - Bart Welten - or 9381 0400


"The Lord Jesus was taken into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God…" (Mark 16:15-20)

The following reflection for this Sunday's Gospel is from Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ, and is printed here, with his kind permission. Fr Andrew is Media Officer for Jesuit Social Services.

There are departures and departures. When some people leave us, we sigh with relief. Tax inspectors, for example, unwanted guests, the sponging relative. Other leavings leave us grieving. A parent's death, for example, our child's first move out of home, our spouse's departure for a long stint of overseas work. We hardly notice other departures: as we close the door to the plumber, farewell the emergency teacher or leave our bank manager, we are simply business like.

Ascension Day recalls Jesus' departure. Mark describes Jesus being taken up into heaven and so returning to be with God. A remarkable picture, we might think, but the people in it are all very down to earth, almost as if their overseas boss is catching the plane back to the head office. Jesus has final instructions for his less than competent work force. He drops in on his disciples as they are eating together, ticks them off for their stubborn disbelief in his rising from the dead, tells them to go out to proclaim the Gospel, and explain that their work will be accompanied by extraordinary cures and expulsions of demons. Then he leaves to return to the right hand of God.

The disciples don't mope in the departure lounge. They immediately go out to preach the Gospel, and their healings duly follow as predicted. They show no grief, no fuss, no relief to see Jesus go. They have been given work to do, get down to it, and of course have Jesus with them. He is not a distant boss but remains interested in them and available to them even though he is in another office.

We make a fuss of Jesus' Ascension because it reminds us that Jesus' death was not final, that he rose to be with us, and that he went to God to stay with us. It marks a new stage in God's involvement in our lives, not its ending.

But Jesus' Ascension also marks a change in gear. Previously Jesus' taught and acted and preached the Gospel of God's love. After the Ascension the task is handed on to his disciples who preach the good news of Jesus. The mission continues.

And so we head towards Pentecost. Jesus sends the Spirit through whom he remains real and works among his people. So the Ascension is not simply a goodbye. It is a hello, but to people who are being sent out to happily to live the Gospel.


Our College community celebrates the Eucharist each Friday morning. Everyone is always welcome.

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