Olive Trees

Last week, we welcomed all our new Kindergarten students in the College. We presented each student with an Olive Tree sapling. This is a symbol of their new beginning at John xxiii College, they will be able to watch their tree grow as they grow and progress through their school lives and on into the future.

We also planted a large olive tree in the kindy garden to represent the whole year group. It is a wonderful symbol of peace and a fitting demonstration to the students of the importance and value we have for sustainability at John Xxiii College.

Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day is on March 1st this year. We are making a big effort this year and encouraging all our students to Clean up the John XXIII College campus and the surrounding area. This will be led by our Sustainability Captains and Year 10 leaders. More information next week…

Recycling Reminder

Our recycling campaigns were a wonderful success last year; we are continuing all our recycling campaigns this year. Just a reminder to all that the battery recycling bin is located in the main administration building, and our electronics recycling bin is in the Library.

Let's get recycling!

If can contribute some sustainable ideas or suggestions for the College please feel free to email me

Let's work together to make a noticeable improvement in the area of sustainability at John XXIII College.

Linda Reilly (Kiernan)
Sustainability Coordinator