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Dear Parents

Last week our Year 6 classes and a team of teachers headed to our National Capital for their camp experience. They experienced a comprehensive educational program and had lots of fun too!

Our students looked very smart in their new blue and gold travel jackets and proved to be wonderful ambassadors for our College as they experienced Canberra in all its Autumn glory. We visited Parliament House (old and new), the War Memorial, the National Museum, the Dinosaur Museum, Government House and Questacon. To add to this very special experience we stayed at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and participated in various sporting options.

We also managed to fit in some relaxing activities, such as, walking along Anzac Parade, visiting Mount Ainslie and hiking around the grounds of the Arboretum. At the end of the day we shared some quiet time with the students and shared the 'Examen' to enable our young travellers to reflect on their experiences during the day that they were most grateful for, and to think about experiences that perhaps they could have handled better and also an attitude of the heart they could commit to the following day.

Special thanks to Mrs Goss, Ms Graves, Miss Joyce, Mr Fromm, Mrs Murphy and Mrs Joyce who accompanied our 57 students to Canberra.


We hope you enjoy looking at some of our Canberra photos and reading the students' reflections.

The best part of our Canberra camp included the sport experiences at the AIS, seeing the dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Museum and learning about the different wars at the War Memorial. It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for being able to go on this trip.
Jacob Griffiths

Canberra was a great experience because I got to learn a lot about the Australian soldiers in the different wars. I enjoyed the view from on top of Mount Ainslie. I also learnt a lot about how the Australian athletes live at the AIS and it was extremely fun to have nice meals there too. The best part of Canberra was the free fall slide at Questacon. I did it twice!
Xavier Smith

I thought Canberra was the best experience ever and we all learned how to be more independent and responsible. The highlights were going to Questacon and having the whole place to ourselves, staying at the AIS and seeing all the different athletes and also visiting the Dinosaur Museum. The teachers were awesome and we thank them for organising this great trip.
Eve Alvarez

The 2016 Year Six Canberra camp was a fantastic experience! There were many activities that I enjoyed, among those was visiting the National Dinosaur Museum as we learnt many interesting facts about dinosaurs, told to us by our enthusiastic tour guide. I also enjoyed visiting the Australian War Memorial as it gave us the chance to reflect on those who fought for Australia in the World Wars and learn more about the conditions they faced. Over the time we spent in Canberra I have grown in many ways. One of these ways is to begin to socialise with more people I may not have talked to so much before the Canberra trip.
Kirsten McCormick

The Canberra trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had! I enjoyed everything from the exciting 'hands on' activities at Questacon to our very emotional and touching time at the War Memorial. It was the best time I could possibly imagine. On the trip, I was most grateful for the moving time at the Australian War Memorial. It helped me to really think about the loss and devastation of war and how war does not solve anything and creates memories of sadness and horror. I learnt many things on this trip, such as how the House of Representatives and the Senate works. I also found most interesting to find out about how the soldiers in the Afghanistan War fought and met some really nice Afghan people. Once again, I really enjoyed Canberra and would love to go again!
Ben Fletcher

Canberra was an amazing experience and I felt so privileged to be able to attend. I had never seen Canberra before and it looked even better than I had imagined. I enjoyed going to the National Dinosaur Museum. I liked learning about all sorts of different dinosaur species and how they lived. At the Dinosaur Museum we also got the chance to see the oldest rock in history. I have learned so much from this trip but one of the most awesome parts was visiting the Australian War Memorial and finding out about all of the soldiers who died for our country.
Dominic Korn

Canberra was amazing! In Canberra, I really enjoyed everything I was able to do with all of my friends. The Australian War Memorial was an awesome experience for me to see all the brave people who fought for us in World Wars. I also really enjoyed the National Dinosaur Museum because we learnt about the big and small dinosaurs and other interesting facts which were so cool! Did you know that we actually have three eyes? Two at the front and one on the back of our heads! Through this Canberra experience I have grown so much, especially learning beyond what I thought I could.
Shenae Baker


A big thank you to Miss Cooney and Miss Monastra and the terrific Year 2's for preparing and presenting today's assembly item based on the theme of 'time'. The children sang beautifully and spoke with a high degree of confidence. Thanks to all the parents and special visitors who were able to attend and support the children. A special mention to all the children from Pre Primary for their outstanding behaviour at their first ever Primary assembly.


Congratulations to all the students who received a certificate for their wonderful work and efforts.

Evie Jackson (PPB)
Sophie Marchant (PPB)
Abigail Stephenson (PPB)
Abigail Stephenson (PPB)
Chris Tan (PPB)
Oliver Lulich (PPB)
Gianmarco Bergomi (PPB)

Alexa Kailis (PPG)
Bella Gauci (PPG)
Hudson Fisher (PPG)
Mia Pruiti (PPG)
Nick Adams (PPG)
Kye Bishop (PPG)

Xavier Parker (1B)
Bella Watson (1B)
Joshua Standen (1B)
Arabella Buzzard (1B)

Stella Fullerton (1G)
Ewan MacLennan (1G)
Sophia Edgley (1G)
Campbell Tonkin (1G)

Annie Annan (2B)
Cate Thomasz (2B)
Sophia Negus (2B)
Marcus Chin (2B)

Lauren McLernon (2G)
Bridget Lilleyman (2G)
Joshua McGlew (2G)
Hamish Peirce (2G)

Dylan Betts (3B)
Olivia Lim (3B)

Lola Kenny (3G)
Callum de Andrade (3G)


Kindy interviews for 2018 are now well underway. It is delightful to sit with parents to talk about their little treasures and also to share information about our amazing school. Sibling 'meet and greet' interviews for Kindy 2018 will occur next term. More information will follow shortly.

Our next Primary Mass is on 3 June at 9am in the Chapel. This Mass is kindly being prepared by 3B. Everyone is welcome!

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

On Wednesday Julie Richards visited the School to teach the Year 3, 4 and 5 students how to play a fun maths game called "Numero". The game has been designed for all ages and abilities and is ideal for developing numeracy concepts and problems solving skills. The students really enjoyed the mathematical challenges of the game and are looking forward to playing it with their peers during some maths activities. It is a great way to improve their maths while having fun at the same time. Parents may want to consider purchasing a set of Numero cards for home.

numero-c.jpg numero-b.jpg