Year 11 ATAR Chemistry Excursion


The Year 11 ATAR Chemistry students visited Curtin University as part of the University's Outreach Program to gain some knowledge and experience regarding techniques and equipment in modern chemistry laboratories.

The students were welcomed to the university by the Student Outreach Team where they were given careers and general information on the Institution before undertaking activities under the guidance of the Curtin team. Students were able to put their engineering skills to the test, whereby they constructed a mineshaft, complete with ventilation fans, alarms and exits. They were also able to utilise their practical skills in the laboratories where they undertook a Benzoic Acid recrystallization and calculated their percentage yield.

After a brief lunch break the Chemistry students were treated to a liquid nitrogen demonstration and finally had the pleasure of listening to Professor Simon Lewis talk on forensics and the use of atomic absorption spectroscopy in his research.