Sayonara to our Fujimi High School International Exchange

On Saturday 8 August we bid a very sad, tearful good-bye and thank you to our lovely friends from Fujimi High School after a fun-filled and engaging two week exchange.

Our 17th International Japanese Exchange was a great success with many highlights. All our exchange students said that they had a wonderful time with their host families. This year, we were blessed with beautiful, fine, warm weather on the weekend with our visitors. So picnics, walks along the beach, night visits to Kings Park, the night sky and a games of footy were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Arigatoo gozaimashita to all our host families for their support and generous hospitality. Without your kind offer, our students at the College would miss out on these valuable opportunities to engage with students from overseas.

Hosting an international exchange is particularly beneficial, as it brings so many members of our whole community together to care and support visitors from abroad. Thank you to everyone that helped make this exchange such a success. In particular, I would like to extend my special thanks to the following staff from the last week of the program: Mr Rob Deurloo for his master class in boomerang making and throwing; Ms Kiri Moore for her art class in boomerang design; Ms Elena Rowson for supporting the Japanese students to integrate with a Primary Japanese class and also preparing an engaging, interactive song with our Year Three Japanese class to present at the Farewell Ceremony; Ms Jodi Joyce and Ms Kylie Allen and the brilliant Year 3 Performers; Ms Catherine Woods for her talented photography and DVD creation; Mr Doug Watson and Mr Ian Stewart for supporting all events with the necessary equipment and second guessing what we may have forgotten and, of course, all the administrative staff who help to make the whole program appear seamless and effortless. In addition, I want to thank the Language Team for always supporting me when the going gets tough. Heartfelt arigatoo.

The Fujimi Exchange simply could not proceed without Ms Glen James, who works beside me every step of the way to ensure everyone involved is safe, healthy, happy, engaged and feels appreciated. Thank you.