Science News

Science Awards

It gives me great pleasure to announce the following students have achieved top marks in Science:

Year 8 Science Inquiry Skills: Niamh Brogan

Year 8 Biology: David Harms

Year 9 Chemistry: Therese Guerrara & Evelyn Collier

These students are invited to attend the "Science Achievers Lunch" on Wednesday 14th August 2013 at SciTech as part of the Science Week celebrations for 2013.

Science Week Competition

This year's theme for National Science Week is "Great Australian Scientists."

As part of the celebration the Science department invites students from all year groups to submit a short presentation on an Australian scientist of their choice. This can be in the form of an essay, poster, video clip-movie, keynote, or any other iPad presentation application. The winner receives a $50 itunes voucher.

Science Investigation Award

Again as part of science week, applications are invited from students from all year groups for the inaugural, John XXIII College, Science Investigation Award. (SIA). Students are to plan and conduct an investigation into one of the following:

Year 7-10

  • The effect of pH on soil quality and plant growth
  • The effect of temperature on the decay of food

Year 11-12

  • The effect of climate change on the WA agricultural industry

Students can choose their own area for investigation but they must seek approval from Mr G McCann before undertaking the investigation. The investigation is to be done in your own time and should take around 4-6 weeks. The scientific method must be followed and the investigation must be reported using the following headings:

  • Title
  • Aim
  • Hypothesis
  • Method
  • Results and Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • Evaluation

This can be done using any medium: poster, keynote, video etc….

Expressions of interest are to be submitted to science teachers by the end of term 2.

Gerard McCann
Head of Learning Area - Science