Magis and Ignatius Centre


Despite the impact of examinations on Magis activities, things are still busy. Work on the Primary Philosothon is almost finished. The organisation to successfully run a program for 70 students and 19 non John XXlll College teachers is impressive. I am fortunate that there are so many generous and skilled people at our College willing to help.

On Thursday morning I met with architect Yasas Botenne to plan the design studio we run at UWA each January. This studio has run since 2003. In 2014 we are extending the studio into 5 streams; architecture, landscape, urban design, visual arts and media. The Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts offers units in all these areas and it is a wonderful opportunity for our students to be able to enrol in this before their Year 12 studies commence. It gives students a chance to have a real experience in courses they might be interested in. It also offers students a chance to see the diversity of courses on offer at the University of Western Australia. Many of our students who have done this studio in the past have then enrolled in architecture.


Our Library Monitors began their good work this week. They are a wonderful asset to our Library, bringing youthful enthusiasm to their duties and generous advice about student reading taste. While I have appointed four students to date, I have interviewed more and will make further appointments. I encourage all interested students from Years 7 to 12 to email me. There is a duty statement at the Library Help Desk and students will earn Community Service points for their invaluable work in the Library.

This week another batch of new books for secondary students was put on display in the Library. A further delivery of books was made this week and it is now being processed. These books should be available to borrow next week. In this delivery are a number of poetry books for young readers. I hope they inspire our young poets to write.

Ben Lamberto continues his Wednesday work experience in the Library. Here he shares his experiences with Year 12 student, Lauren Islip. Our Year 12 students have made excellent use of their exclusive study area. We are considering extending Library hours to allow Year 12 students extra time for study as their year draws to a close.

Annette Pedersen
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator