Faith and Justice

Sacramental Program

Congratulations to the following students and their families who have received the Sacraments in their parishes.

Year 3 students who celebrated the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Wednesday at St Cecilia's Parish in Floreat:

  • Raff Armitage
  • John Exten
  • James Fry
  • Judd Macdougall
  • Luca Matthews
  • Jack Chapman
  • Anna Peachey

Year 4 Students who celebrated Eucharist last Sunday at Holy Spirit Parish in City Beach:

  • Emilio Serra
  • Edward Drake

Year 6 student, Isaac Garces, who celebrated Confirmation last Sunday at St Jerome's Parish in Spearwood.

As from this year, students in the College celebrate the Sacraments in their parishes. Parents are to contact their parish if their child is to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist or Confirmation. Specific information from parishes nearby is at

To find information for your local parish go to:

For any specific questions, contact Mary-Anne Lumley: lumley.mary-anne@john


'Seek Justice' Event for Term 2: Lifelink

In our own city of Perth, many individuals suffer from poverty, homelessness, disability, lack of education, being in a minority group or other disadvantage. Lifelink agencies deliver professional services and caring support to over 30,000 people in need throughout Western Australia each year. The work of Lifelink is a positive demonstration of Faith in Action.

This year the College Lifelink Appeal takes place 24th - 28th June. Next week, the Year 11 students will plan the week and will be lucky enough to have visitors from 'The Shopfront' speaking to them.

Secondary students will be asked to bring in coins for Lifelink Organisation as well as 'hamper' items for The Shopfront in Maylands. Sample items: tinned foods, breakfast cereals, toiletries, new underwear, 'green' shopping bags. Primary will be having a 'Wacky Dress' fundraising day.

More information on The Shopfront available from: