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St Thomas the Apostle Claremont

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St Joseph's Subiaco

Compulsory Registration afternoon Tuesday, 18th March, 4:30.

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What if my parish is not listed on the College website?

As a regional school, our students are drawn from many parishes. For information about your local or home parish, just enter Perth Catholic in your search engine, then find your parish in the drop down list.

Where can I find more information?

Mary-Anne Lumley, Parish Liaison


Thank you to Campion House for attending Mass today and for taking on various ministries. The College is blessed that each Friday morning it celebrates as a unique Christian community. Many people find it a great way to prepare for the wider Christian community at their own parish Mass at the weekend, especially as we begin the Lenten season. There are three remaining Sundays in Lent, leading up to the great feast of Easter.

When: Fridays in term time

Time: 8:00 - 8:30

Where: College Chapel

Who: All welcome!


… is the theme of the 2014 Caritas Project Compassion. Caritas provides the following reflection on this Sunday's gospel, from Matthew 17:1-9.

Jesus is fully human and fully divine. Up to the age of 30, he led the life of an ordinary craftsman in Nazareth. The Gospels show him as a person who was easy to approach, enjoyed the company of children, got tired, happily shared meals with others, and wept with grief at the death of a friend.

We catch a glimpse of the divinity of Jesus in the Transfiguration: 'his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became dazzling white'. The searing light of the Transfiguration confronts us with the quite extraordinary realisation that God, creator of the universe, lives with us. Jesus shows us that as fully alive human beings, the great light of God's deep compassion can shine through us to others.

This week's Project Compassion story is about a family in South Sudan. Deng and his wife, Aketch, fled into the bush when civil war broke out in 1983. Frequently on the move, they survived precariously on berries and bush meat, not knowing if they could ever return home. To add to their problems, Deng went blind.

Now back in their village, Deng and Aketch, have received practical assistance from Caritas Australia and its partner in South Sudan, the Hope Agency for Relief and Development (HARD). Provided with two goats, five chickens, fishing nets and seeds to plant, they are now in a position to earn a little income - and their children are able to attend school.

Through us, Jesus continues to bring hope and new life to people like Deng, who are facing difficulties beyond their control. Our generosity, shown through Project Compassion, enables Caritas Australia to undertake these projects.

Donations to Caritas Australia's Project Compassion help families like Deng's to be confident of a more secure future and can rebuild their lives.

©Caritas Australia