Salty and Radiant

The second half of a homily by Rev Fr Michael Tate - the first half was in last week's newsletter. We are grateful for his permission to print here.

Light of the Cosmos

The cosmos is the whole of the created reality ranging from the smallest fraction of your body to the swirling gases of the farthest constellation of stars.

You, we, as a Christian community trying to live according to the Gospel are 'the light' of this cosmos. The only question is the degree of the brilliance of our light. What radiance do we bring to the cosmos?

How do we do this?

Our Lord says, 'Your light must shine in the sight of human beings so that, seeing your good works, they may give the praise to your father in Heaven.'

'Good works.' That sounds narrowly moralistic. Isn't there a slightly pejorative tone to the expression 'he is a do gooder'? You won't be surprised to learn it is not what Our Lord meant.

The words Jesus uses for good words are 'kala erga'. In Greek, the language of the Gospels, these words mean 'beautiful works'. These are those things we do which have grace, elegance and proportion and are therefore pleasing to observe: beautifully-good-works.

Acting in a grotesque, ugly way dims our light, darkens our humanity. When we act in a truly light-hearted way, we are more fully human and our humanity has a radiant effect on others.

On others - certainly other human beings, but Our Lord remarkably says: on the whole cosmos.

St Paul says in Romans that the whole cosmos is yearning to be transfigured into the same divine glory which we share, participating in the life of the Risen Lord, the cosmic Christ.

When we do beautifully good works there is a transforming impact on the whole of creation! There is a moral ecology to the universe!

Of course, the real cause of the transformation of the cosmos into divine glory is the rising of the Son on the third day. But, we can refract some of that resurrection light through the prism of our own personalities. In fact, the cosmos is yearning for that.

So, stay salty and tangy. Do good beautifully and elegantly. The earth will become more habitable. The cosmos will become more translucent with Divine Glory.

'You are the Salt of the Earth. You are the Light of the Cosmos.'© Rev. Father Michael Tate.


At this morning's Community Mas, the 2014 Secondary leaders committed themselves to their roles within the College community. Parents are so welcome to join us for these celebrations. Coming up later this term: Kooly Day and Campion Day.

Fridays in term time

8:00 - 8:30

College Chapel

All welcome - especially if you are new to the College. You do not have to be a regular mass-goer. All the responses are on a powerpoint.


'Family focused, parish-based, catholic school-supported'

Do you have a child in Year 3, 4 or 6?

If you have not already done so, you will need to enrol your child for the Sacraments in your home parish.




Is your parish one of the following?

Your parish has forwarded this information to assist you.

Catholic families whose home parish is Holy Rosary Nedlands

Registration at the parish centre:

- next weekend: Saturday 22nd February, 11.00am-12.30pm

- Wednesday 26th February, 4.00-4.30pm

wishing to present a child to receive a sacrament of initiation (Eucharist, Confirmation, Penance/Reconciliation) this year.

Children must be registered, even if they are at a Catholic school, and not attending parish classes.

Full details:-

on the parish noticeboards,



or 9386 1870.

Rev Fr Joseph Sobb SJ

Families in St Mary Star of the Sea Cottesloe/Mosman Park

Enrolment in the parish hall:

- Tuesday 25th February 4:00 to 5:30pm in the Parish hall

Contact: Rev Fr James de Souza

Catholic families/guardians of children who live within the parish of St Joseph's Subiaco are invited to a compulsory registration afternoon, in The Upper Room, 3 Salvado Road, Subiaco

- Tuesday 18th March at 4:30.

Contact: Rev Fr Joe Walsh and the Sacramental Team.

St Thomas the Apostle, Claremont

Enrolments for the Sacraments at St Thomas Claremont close on Friday 11th April - ie end of term.

If your child attends a Catholic school he/she will receive sacramental preparation at school but will need to enrol to receive the Sacraments in the Parish by 11th April.

The dates for Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation will be printed soon.

For more details please contact Silvia Kinder 93844925<


Do I need to enrol my child for classes in the parish?

Children attending Catholic schools receive the sacramental component through the RE program, so do not attend parish classes.

What do we need to take to enrolment?

Relevant earlier certificates - eg Baptism, Reconciliation etc.

Where can I find more information?

College website

Archdiocesan parish website

Mary-Anne Lumley
Parish Liaison