Community Service

Last week the 2014 Community Service program was launched among the Year 10 and 11 students. Over the coming week, Year 8 and 9 students will be given information regarding their Community Service requirements for 2014 and Year 7's will begin later in the term.

In 2014 students are encouraged to carry the value, Verity into their period of service. With the College's focus of Competence, it is hoped that students will use their service of others this year as a catalyst for reflection on the gifts, talents and unique abilities only they can bring to that service.

The Calendar below is provided to help students access Community Service opportunities that are available at school and outside the John XXIII College Community. It is available for the students to access at Student Reception. It is continually being updated and students are encouraged to check regularly for opportunities that may interest them.

This year two community service endeavours have been developed, to help students complete their hours and give parents an opportunity to get involved. The first, 'Jams for Justice and Chutneys for Charity' ably led by Ms Patsy Ahern will meet for the first time on Monday 24th February in X10. Students or parents who are interested in helping with this service group are asked to contact Patsy for more details .

We will be looking for donations of jars for the jams and chutneys throughout the year, so please store them up at home.

The second service group that will run this year is the 'Knitting for the Needy' group. It will run in the Library on the first Tuesday of every month (beginning March). Students, Parents and Grandparents are invited to come along and knit squares that will be sewn together to create blankets for the SVDP Winter Appeal. There is no minimum level of skill required, it is hoped that the more experienced knitters and crocheters will show the newer ones the ropes. For more details please contact

We are currently looking for donations of wool and needles to get us started.

Caroline Watson
Director of Mission

Community Service opportunities February - March Calendar

Knitting for the Needy