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Year 9 students welcome Moira Kelly (humanitarian worker)

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Burton (Sloan's parents) for asking Mr Henderson if we would like to have Moira Kelly speak to students in our school. The Year 9 students were very lucky to be able to attend this talk and hear a woman who lives out her faith in a very real way. Many of you will know of Moira from the very public footage of the conjoin twins Krishna and Trishna. Moira was responsible for helping them to have surgery to be separated from each other so they could live a full life in their own bodies. Thank you to Mrs Janeen Murphy for organising this talk to take place for us. Year 9s are very appreciative and came away inspired, challenged and full of hope.

Moira Kelly is a woman who does the work of God, but not for the title. Year 9 recently had the privilege of hearing Moria speak about the work she does and how it has impacted her life. From a young age Moria decided she wanted to help the children the world had given up on. By this she means the sick children who's illnesses and diseases could have been treated, had they been born in a different country. Now Moria travels around the world to visit villages and orphanages suffering extreme poverty seeking her help. She has even adopted some of these children, bringing them to Australia and giving them the medical attention they so desperately needed. Her children have now grown to become happy, successful Aussie citizens! Moria's story is one of courage, kindness and resilience. Courage to be able to visit places across the world, choosing a life of uncertainty over comfort. Kindness by showing children love and giving them hopeful futures. Finally resilience, as for all the good Moria does she has still suffered loss and sadness through finding these children. Moria is an inspiration to all Australians to live their life to help others. She has made a massive impact on Year 9, as well as Australia.
Penny Dwyer (09SL)

Moira Kelly to me is a truly the most inspirational person who does anything for anyone, no matter how PHYSICALLY different they are. Every Australian should be able to relate to Moira, one way or another. She is truly one with the Holy Spirit, and has a blessing that she passes to the very sick children that she takes in as her own and gives them hope. "The greatest act of kindness changes generations. Wherever there is the greatest evil, the greatest good can be achieved." (Moira Kelly) There are a lot of talkers but not enough doers and she followed her heart and did what she believed was right and what she believed in. I think she gives without the thought of reward. Moira saves young disadvantaged children from living a life of hell, like Ahmed and Emmanuel. Under Moira's care and encouragement they truly could achieve anything. Ahmed is a world record holder and is representing Australia at the Rio Paralympics. Emmanuel is now happy and busy establishing a successful career as an international singer/songwriter. For me Moria Kelly's speech was not only breathtaking, but I was inspired to do better for others and to make a difference …. Somehow.
Lachy Leggett (09LY)

We both found that it was very inspirational how Moira goes around the world helping others in underdeveloped or war driven countries trying to help children who are disabled. She then assists them after surgery to live a normal and happy life. Moira told us about her motivation and how she believes that everyone in some point in her life has a 'Denis' moment. One of the first children that she helped out was a boy who had never passed waste in his life. He was 8 and if he didn't have surgery he would have died in the next couple of weeks. Moira took him to Australia and went through lengthy surgeries trying to help out Denis. Denis survived but only just and this was the turning point in her life when she decided that she wanted to dedicate the rest of her life helping children who wouldn't be alive without this crucial surgery. One of the reasons Moira continues to do her job is seeing the faces on both Denis and his family when they saw that a miracle had happened to Denis and he was cured. Her story inspired us and we find it amazing that she has dedicated this as her life and doesn't get anything out of it apart from what she takes out of it. She strongly believes that the world should be an equal place and that no matter what country you live in you should have the sufficient means and resources to live. "It's a funny world we live in really, where what passport you own determines whether you will live or die. Someone really has to change that." (Moira Kelly) Moira shows the best parts of humanity with dedicating her life for others and giving out love rather than for herself and receiving money. She started off as a normal Australian citizen. Mother Teresa inspired her at the age of 7 and she has pursued her ideals all throughout her life. What are you going to do with your life and what is your inspiration?
Olivia Purnell and Lucinda Maggi (09SL)

Janeen Murphy - Director of Mission

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