'GOOD NEWS' for Feast of the Holy Trinity

"Whatever the Father has is mine. The Spirit will receive what I give and tell you about it."(John 16:12-15)

The reflection is from Fr Richard Leonard's homily on this Sunday's gospel and is printed here, with kind permission. Fr Richard Leonard SJ is the Director of the Australian Catholic Office for Film and Broadcasting, is a member of the Australian Catholic Media Council and is author of Preaching to the Converted, Paulist Press, New York, 2006.

A teacher asked her grade one class to paint something of their own choosing. All the children got busy about the task. As the teacher walked around she noticed Beckie was particularly focused on her painting. 'What are you painting Beckie?' asked the teacher. 'I'm painting God, Miss' replied the little girl. 'Well that must be difficult because no one knows what God looks like.' At which Beckie stopped, looked up and confidently announced, 'But they will when I'm finished.'

The names Christians give to God - Father, Son and Spirit - are both ancient and important. But we should never think they exhaust the possibilities of God's reality. Creator, mother, lover, redeemer, Saviour, higher power or friend all go some way to help us put words around our experience of our God, who is more and beyond all names we can possibly use.

The naming of God, however, is an important, but secondary focus to the solemnity of the Holy Trinity this Sunday. There are two other facets to it that are more central.

The first is that the Trinity declares that relationships are at the very centre of God. We believe that the Father, Son and Spirit are in full communion, communication and relationship with each other at all times, in all places. To know Jesus is to know the Father and the Spirit and vice versa. They are one. This special relationship also indicates to us that nothing should matter more in our lives than our relationships with one another. To be like the God we profess every Sunday is to commit ourselves to our relationships, in all their varieties. To work hard on our relationships is, for a Christian, to touch the divine.

The second extraordinary thing we celebrate today is that the Father invites us into this loving relationship with Him, Jesus and the Spirit. What is especially consoling about this is that we are the only world religion that believes our God took our flesh. So through Jesus' life, teaching, compassion and sacrificial love we not only discover who he is, but, at one and the same time, we find out what God and the Spirit are like.

Some people think themselves unworthy of such invitation. Others argue they have to be a better person to deserve such an offer. While both of these responses to God's invitation are understandable, they fail to take into account that in Jesus we have been made worthy of God's love and if we are waiting to get to a certain level of goodness to deserve God's love, we will wait forever.

God invites us into the compassionate embrace of the Trinity where we are and as we are, so that we can become all that God knows we can be. We don't have to get good to get God. We have to get God before we can get good!

© Richard Leonard SJ



The College Sacrament Program, aligned with Archdiocesan policy, is 'Family-focused, Parish-based and Catholic School supported'.

Families of children in Years 3, 4 and 6 are preparing to celebrate, respectively, the sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation in their own 'home' parish.

The knowledge component is also covered in the Religion Curriculum of those classes.

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Local Parishes

Some parishes, located near the College, have supplied calendar details for their Sacrament Programs. This information can be accessed via the link to the College website.

The following update, for the Parish of St Thomas Apostle, has been added.


First Communion
Sunday 12 June - 9:30am
Friday 19 August - 6pm
Wednesday 9 & Thursday 10 Nov - 4:15-5:15pm
Contact: Silvia Kinder 0429 065 842

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Next Friday's Community Eucharist will be prepared by Loreto House - families of Loreto students are particularly welcome. For those able to stay, the celebration continues after Mass with coffee in the Café.

When: Fridays in Term Time
Time: 8:00-8:30am
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