Politics and Law Excursion

On Thursday 5th September the Year 11 Politics and Law class had an excursion where we visited various courts as well as Parliament House. The class sat in on two trials. The trial in the Supreme Court was a very complicated trial to do with alleged tax evasion and in the Magistrates Court the alleged offence was about animal cruelty. We also went into an empty District Court where we looked at trial procedure. The group then visited Parliament House where we spent some time on the floor of the Legislative Assembly and looked at the passage of a bill. Our local member, Mr Barnett, organised afternoon tea for us. After this, we paid a brief visit to the Legislative Council chamber. In all, we had a really interesting and worthwhile excursion and the two staff members with the group, Mrs Beech and Mr Fitzpatrick, were very proud of the way our students represented the College.

Jim Fitzpatrick
Acting Head of Learning - SOSE