Catholic Earthcare leads Carbon Fast, joins Earth Hour

In 2015, Earth Hour in Australia will celebrate Aussie food and farmers, reminding Australians of the need to tackle global warming for the sake of our rural communities and our supply of fresh, healthy, homegrown food. All Australians are proud of our farmers for feeding the nation, but they are on the frontline of rising temperatures and more extreme weather. Flooding, drought, fires and changes in pests and weeds are affecting the very farms that supply 93% of the food we eat.

Millions of Australians are expected to take part in Earth Hour at 8:30pm local time on Saturday, 28 March 2015 to show their support for cutting carbon pollution for the sake of our food and farmers.

John XXIII College will join thousands of schools who will take part in Earth Hour Schools Day on Friday, 27 March.

Catholic Earthcare leads the Carbon Fast and this year joins Earth Hour. The goal is to raise awareness of climate issues and call on world leaders to take action on climate change. More than 50 countries are participating in the Carbon Fast, with different countries leading the fast on different days of Lent. Australia will be leading the fast on 17 March, which also happens to be St Patrick's Day.

On this day, participants are urged to fast from either food (for example missing one or two meals), and/or carbon (by taking alternative transport such as walking, biking or public transport, or cutting personal or organisational energy consumption). Read more at

Dates for the calendar.
17 March Carbon Fast
27 March Earth Hour Schools Day
28 March Earth Hour 8.30pm local time

Green tip: Consider the following tips to reduce energy use on cooling the house during summer:
Use fans and natural air flow through the house for cooling instead of air conditioning

  • Open windows at night and then close the windows the next day by 7.30am to keep the house as naturally cool as possible
  • Insulate your roof to reduce heat gain during summer
  • Use curtains or blinds with reflective backings to stop summer heat
  • When air conditioning is essential, have it set to a maximum of 24°C and use fans to push the cool air around

"Let us be 'protectors' of creation,protectors of God's plan inscribed in nature, protectors of one another and of the environment.
Let us not allow omens of destruction and death to accompany the advance of this world!"
Pope Francis I
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