The 2015 Year 12 Ball in a Winter Wonderland

The Year 12 students enjoyed their 2015 College Ball last Friday evening. The students and partners arrived looking absolutely fantastic; the sea of colours and variety of dresses and suits added to the vibrancy of the night. At 7.30pm the doors to the Grand Ballroom opened, revealing a true Winter Wonderland. The magical atmosphere and alluring ambience that radiated from the room can be attributed to Jaime Slabbert's creative efforts and clear decorating vision (Year 12 student, Events Coordinator). Students entered in awe, ready for a great night of fun and dancing; which began immediately! The students hit the dance floor with energy and style the very minute they arrived. The dancing was only interrupted by dinner, dessert, a few short presentations and photographic opportunities.

It is such a blessing to be a teacher and to journey with students in a co-education environment as they grow into magnificent young men and women. The Ball is one of those special landmarks which highlights the students' growth and reminds us that the journey within the school context is coming to a close. The experience of 'having a ball' together is something that we hope students and teachers remember forever.

Lucie Rice
Assistant Deputy Principal - Year 12

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