Around the Primary

Dear Parents,

We have all had a great start to the year so far. It is very pleasing to see the children arriving on time, carrying their own school bag and then independently following classroom morning routines. For any parents who may still be feeling a little anxious for themselves or their children, please trust us and remember we are here to support you all.

As we wander around at recess and lunch time we have seen some fabulous examples of food that really gets children's brains ready for learning. Thank you to all the parents who have set their children up so well for a full day of learning by packing a healthy lunch box.

Also, congratulations and a big thank you to all those parents who have booked holidays in school holiday time - this is absolutely wonderful and assists with your child's learning journey.

The Year Three to Six students have thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons this week. Special thanks to all the parents who have up their time last Friday to assist Mr. Alderman with the swimming trials. We can now look forward to our swimming carnival on Thursday, 5th March.


Next Wednesday, 18th March is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the season of Lent. Mrs Fontaine and Year 5G have been busy preparing this Mass. All parents are welcome to join us at 9.30am in the Chapel. At the conclusion of Mass our Year 6 students will receive their Leadership badges. Our Junior Classes will be receiving the ashes during their class prayer reflections.

During Religious Education lessons next week the children will learn that Lent is a special time when we prepare for Easter. Please encourage your children to do something special during Lent to share with their friends; to pray every day; to read a Bible story; to listen to their parents and teachers; to use good manners; to visit the Chapel…. Let's all try and make Lent 2015 a good spiritual time!

The staff and I look forward to seeing every family represented at the Parent Information Evenings next week.

16 February

17 February

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Kind Regards,

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary



All primary students and their siblings are not permitted to play on the playgrounds before or after school.


Because there is no teacher in these areas at those times and your child may be at risk of an accident.


We request that dogs are not brought into the Primary School precinct. Despite the very best behaviour of our 4 legged friends, there are children who are frightened of dogs or are allergic to dogs. Thank you for your co-operation on this matter.