Hospitality News

At lunch time on Wednesday 11 May our Year 11 Hospitality students ran their first Café for 2016. From 12:50 to 1:15pm hungry students queued up and crowded the Circle of Friends Café to buy drinks, lunch and something sweet. The Café was entirely staffed by the Year 11 students who dealt brilliantly with the hungry throng. Students made coffee and dispensed food and drinks, handling the pressure with a smile. The Hospitality students are entirely responsible for the Café, setting it up, selling the goods, running the till and then cleaning up. It is a wonderful practical experience that gives them invaluable skills for the world beyond the College. The students are excellent baristas as well as adept at coping with pressure. They deserve congratulations for a job well done.

The delicious Menu was as follows:

Hospitality Students invite Staff and Students to the First Café for 2016
at Lunch 12:50 - 1:15pm
Wednesday 11 May

Coffee, Chocolate and Mocha

Chocolate and Caramel Slice
Raspberry White Chocolate Muffins

Sausage Rolls $2.00
Lasagne $5.00
Ham and Cheese Toasty $2.00

Sweet Treat with a Cold Drink $3.00
Sausage Roll with a Cold Drink $3.00
Ham and Cheese Toasty with a Cold Drink $3.00
Lasagne with a Cold Drink $6.00