Magis and Ignatius Centre

Media Club
The Media Club met on Monday to plan this week's "Wrap" and decided to move filming location to the Colloquium. Editing will now take place in the Library after filming on Friday afternoon. This was decided to enable other students to be taught this skill. While the "Wrap" is filmed other students will begin work on our short film production.

Students have also decided to work on publishing a College newspaper. A meeting for all interested students is taking place on Tuesday 16 April in the Colloquium. There will be the opportunity to learn writing, editing, publishing and graphic skills. All students from Year 7 to 12 are welcome. Photographers may also be interested in havi8ng their work published.

Year 8 Brain Challenge at Scitech.
The College was invited to send a small group of year 8 students to a special day for gifted students at Scitech. We were lucky to be able to enrol 16 of our Year 8 students. It is a pity we could not have more places. But I hope to offer more such extension opportunities as the year goes on. Students interested in science are reminded the College Astronomy Club offers a wonderful chance to learn about space.

Mobile Journalism

On Friday this week Ivo Burum ran a special iPad PD for Magis Media Club students. He taught students how to create and publish their own work in order to record excursions, classes, their own work, projects or College events. This is very timely given that the Media Club are interested in moving into journalism in a broader sense than their weekly clip. Watch the "Wrap" next week to see what they learnt.

Mock Trials

The Mock Trials team met on Tuesday and Wednesday morning this week to prepare their case against Christ Church Grammar School. It is great to have energetic Year 10 students taking active roles in the team.

NASA Space Camp
The NASA Space Camp 2013 Information night is tonight at 7pm at the GBLT. All interested families are welcome. For more information contact Mr Mazur.

UWA Summer Design Studio
During the holidays I will be having meetings at The University of Western Australia to organise the details of the studio we run in January in the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual arts. This is an opportunity for students going into Year 12 to experience design. Any student interested in any aspect of design is encouraged to enrol. Please contact me if you have any queries. Places in this course fill fast.


On Tuesday E-learning specialist Lauren Truscott ran a successful iPad Information Night for parents. The evening highlighted the importance of understanding how to deal with media in the home in order to keep our students safe. Students are reminded that they are welcome to work on their iPads in the library, but games should not be played on the device.

Opening Hours
The Library opens at 7.30am and closes at 5pm. On Friday the Library closes early at 4pm. During the weeks running up to examinations the Library will stay open until 6pm for upper school students for three days of the week.

Annette Pedersen
Magis and Ignatius Centre Coordinator