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Dear Parents,

It was a very happy night for the very proud parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters and staff who filled Roncalli Hall to capacity to view the Year 4 Musical, 'Cinderella & Rockerfella'. It was wonderful to see the students sharing their talents on the stage and enjoying themselves too! To the great credit of our Primary Music Specialist, Mrs Shelley Morell, the young cast were able to sing, dance, recite their lines with confidence and engage the audience in a most delightful way. Congratulations Mrs Morell!

We also congratulate the Year 4 children who have worked very hard over two terms to put together their amazing musical. We are so proud of their outstanding performances and commitment to the musical. I'm sure 'Cinderella & Rockerfella' will be retained as a highlight of the Year 4's Primary school life.

Thank you to the parents for ensuring that your children were able to attend rehearsals. A big thank you to all the parents who assisted with making the gorgeous costumes and organizing the amazing make-up for the dress rehearsal, matinee and evening performance.

Special thanks to Miss Nish and Ms O'Connor for their enthusiasm and commitment to the production of the musical.

We can now look forward to our Interschool Athletics Carnival on Monday 14 September.

Kind regards
Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary

Congratulations to all the cast of 'Cinderella & Rockerfella'

Cast in Order of Appearance

Bryn Chapman
Joanna Negus

Ophelia: Serenity Jones
Eleanor: Amelia Gellard
Pandora: Mia Serra
Nigel: James Mitchell
Friend 1: Marie-Claire Hickling
Friend 2: Sarah Hackett
Friend 3: Ava Kwei
Friend 4: Sophie Arundell
Friend 5: Elizabeth Newton
Friend 6: Isla Grant
Friend 7: Madeleine Northover
Friend 8: Amelia Worner
Cinderella: Emmeline Bosnich
Squeaky: Sophia Defrancesco
Whiskers: Harry Court
Fluffy: Kate Scalise
Nibbles: Gus Kenny
Pinkie: Delia Lamattina
Cheesles: Lawrence McNeilly
Sweetie Pie: May Verleg
Snuffles: Joel Margaria
Mouser: Jake Burgess
Boofhead the Bodyguard: Sandy Smith
Paparazzi 1: Luke Seery
Paparazzi 2: Charles Hodge
Manager: Lachlan Richardson
Rockerfella: Joshua Johnson
King: Thomas King
Queen: Emily Barbour
Page: John Edwards
Fairy Godmother: Charley Laver
Speaking Rockette 1: Marshall Lalor
Speaking Rockette 2: Nathan Flack
Speaking Rockette 3: Evelyn Arundell
Speaking Rockette 4: Summer Burton
Quinn Binet, James Brierley,
Sienna Carroll, Tiffany Cesare,
Amerie Chai, Camila Chorrez,
Patrick Eastwood, Ava Edgley,
Georgia Gourdis, Joshua Hooke,
Jessica Jahn, Conor McCormick,
Benjamin Mignacca, Samuel Owen,
Alexander Petsos, Zac Pruiti,
Matthew Rintoul, Christia Serra,
Jasmine Slatter, Sophie Standen,
Liam Stewart, Cleo Zuvela

yr4musicalmatinee_026.jpg yr4musicalmatinee_047.jpg yr4musicalmatinee_049.jpg yr4musicalmatinee_050.jpg
yr4musicalmatinee_053.jpg yr4musicalmatinee_136.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-008.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-018.jpg
yr4musicalmatinee_058.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-022.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-046.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-051.jpg
yr4musicalrehearsal-053.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-054.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-063-copy.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-065.jpg
yr4musicalrehearsal-084.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-092.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-105.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-122.jpg
yr4musicalrehearsal-096.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-139.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-196.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-238.jpg
yr4musicalrehearsal-199.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-205.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-206.jpg yr4musicalrehearsal-273.jpg


Our Primary Open Night is on Monday 21 September from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. All classrooms will be available for parents to visit and to celebrate with your children their learning journey. Feel free to browse every room not just your own child's classroom because there are wonderful things to see in every space of the school. Please extend the welcome to your wider family, it would be great to see grandparents too. Please note that the Open Night is not an occasion for a brief teacher interview about your child's progress. The staff need to be available to everyone visiting their classrooms. From 5:00pm onwards you might like to make way to the MacKillop Room or Library to experience some of the musical talents from our students.

Primary Open Night Program





Guitar Ensemble

MacKillop Room


Year 6 Band

Year 5 Band



Wanju Voices

MacKillop Room


Primary Singers

MacKillop Room


String Orchestra



Last Friday morning was such a great event for all our Fathers with over 150 Dads in the Chapel. The Year 11 students prepared delicious muffins and a freshly ground coffee or tea for the Dads and a treat with a fruit juice drink for the children. Thank you to Mrs Bloodworth and the Year 11's for the magnificent muffins. A big thank you to our volunteer Mums who served our guests and did the big clean up. Special thanks to the Men of John XXIII for supporting this event.

The greatest thanks of course must go to our Dads - it was great to see you all turn out and be recognised for the work you do all year round to love and care for your children.





Our Interschool Athletics Carnival is on Monday 14 September. Extra parking will be available on the day. Please head to the eastern end of the campus off John XXIII Avenue (near the bus shelter) and car park attendants will guide you to parking on the oval. Students may also like to bring along a picnic blanket or towel to sit on as the grass may be damp in the morning.


This week we welcome Ms Tracey McGann, our new Primary Secretary to our team. Please come and say hello to Tracey in the front office. Tracey can be contacted on 9383 0401 or via email