Year 9 iPad Program Roll-Out

Rod Downie
Dean of Year 9

The Year 9 students are really enjoying using their iPads in class. The long anticipated roll-out on Friday 4 May was very successful and ran seamlessly thanks to the careful and diligent planning of Louise Scharf, Brad Tyrrell, John Joosten and Yugon Chobanoff. Teachers have been preparing for their introduction since last year and have embraced the new opportunities the iPad brings.

Each Learning Area has earmarked certain Apps they will use to motivate their students to learn. The message below sent by one of our teachers is typical of the response so far from the staff.

Hi everyone involved in the iPad roll out

Just wanted to say "Congratulations" on the success of the Year 9 iPad roll out. My Year 9s love it and are very grateful and respectful with their device in class, long may it continue...
It is so wonderful to see them so motivated and eager to do research!
Job well done guys, all your hard work has certainly paid off.

Thank you

Linda Kiernan
SOSE, Accounting and Finance Teacher

Some comments from the Year 9 Students

The iPads are an amazing device. It is full of fun and
Everyone has been really mature about it too.
Ryan Jones
Really fun. I hope we have them next year.
Jack Andrews
The iPad is a time saver from walking from one end
of the school to the other. The iPad also makes
assignments easier to do.
The iPads have been very useful for school subjects.
There are many Apps that are very helpful so I can
remember things from classes. We dont have to bring
too many books to classes so it makes it easer around
school getting to class.
Stellan Grljusich
The iPads are very useful and are a quick resource
to access our studies, emails and other information.
They do help me with my school work and are really
fun to use. It makes learning more fun.
Lauren Story
Easy to get information. Portable. Pages is like Word and
it's really helpfu. A lot lighter than a textbook. Can contact
teachers easily. Saving paper.