Year 7 Transition

A Commendation

Year 7s are commended on their efforts to present themselves looking their best in their uniforms, arriving at school punctually and attending to classes with enthusiasm and commitment. Homeroom classes value these behaviours and acknowledge the student's pride in belonging to the John XXIII College community.

Service Learning and Leadership

The students are receiving guidelines for their Service Learning. This program aims to:

  • Engage students in responsible and challenging actions for the common good.
  • Provide students with structured opportunities to grow and learn from their generosity.
  • Find God in all people and in all things.
  • Build Compassion, Conscience and their Commitment to God through Service.
  • Find strength in living the motto 'Men and Women for Others'.
  • Provide opportunities for reflection.

In Year 7 the students will contribute a minimum of 5 hours of home and school based service for 'Me and My Community'. The student's Service Booklets will record the hours of service completed. Homeroom teachers will provide more information as each Homeroom is ready to start the Service Learning.

In Term 2 we are bringing Leadership into the Homerooms to enable students to learn, develop projects and put leadership skills into practice. Each Homeroom is developing projects to provide the students with authentic leadership activities.

Parent Meeting

Helping sons and daughters with homework was the topic of discussion on Monday when a group of Year 7 parents met to problem solve how to, when to and what to do when help is required at home. Key points of discussion were:

  • Negotiating time and space
  • Using the Student Planner
  • Providing support.

A range of resources were provided for parents to browse through before and after the session. Please have a look at the link provided. It links to School and You - Helping your child learn - Study habits within the Department of Education website.

The booklet, Helping Your Teenager Develop Good Study Skills, can be found in this link.

Mrs Sue Benson
Dean of Year Seven