What a fantastic way to finish off the season. Our boys and girls competed in the South West Head of the River on Sunday, and came home with a convincing win. We had over 60 entries over the day, and were in just about every race. Not only that, be we won just about every race we entered in, and just about everyone came home him a medal. Congratulations to all winners and competitors, it was a great way to finish the boys season and kick off the girls. Thanks so much to all the parents who did the long drive, the supporting and cheering, the day wouldn't have been the same without you all. Thank you also to the Webber Family for the loan of their car - once again and thanks to all the coaches who made the day run smoothly without any mishaps - well, maybe one (sorry about that one boys). The girls have their final training session for the term Thursday 9th of April, and then we have school holidays.

Girls training commences the first Monday back at school, the 5th of May, and our first IGSSA regatta is on the 10th of May at Canning Bridge! Hope too see our support group out in full force for the first regatta! Boys training will be on a Wednesday and Friday morning, plus land training, and will commence around week 3, but keep posted for more details.

Just a reminder that Handover Night is tonight at 6:30pm sharp! Food requirements! Boys in Year 8, 9 and 10 boys - Pasta Dish (please bring hot and ready to serve approximately 10); Year 11 and 12 boys - 3 packets of chocolates each e.g. mini crunchies, boosts etc. Girls: Year 8 and 9 girls - large green salad with salad servers; Year 10 and 11 girls - dinner bread rolls/packets of 12 garlic breads (warm and ready to serve).

Hope to see you there,

Madeline Abbott