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Rowing ended for the Boys' Summer season and started for the Girls' Winter season at the South West Head of the River Regatta on Sunday 3 April. This was hosted by the Bunbury Rowing Club. There were individual and team events for both boys and girls and also some mixed races.

John XXIII College rowers did well in this regatta, either winning or at least placing in the top 3 in most of the events entered. The final race of the regatta was the Open Mixed Eight. John XXIII College has won this race for the last five years and did so again this year. Captain of Boats, Alex King, set a new record coxing the winning crew for the fifth year in a row. This has never been done before in the 21 years of John XXIII College Rowing.

This year the regatta included an Ergo race for the first time. This involved one male rower and one female rower from each year group, rowing for one minute each, with the total distance travelled by all rowers deciding the winning school. John XXIII College won the event in this, its inaugural year.

John XXIII College managed to retain the overall points' trophy for this year's regatta.

On Wednesday 6 April, the Rowing Handover Night Ceremony was held in the Pavilion at the College. This marks the official ending of the Boys' season and the start of the Girls' season. Control of the Rowing shed is 'handed over' to the Girls' captains by the Boys' captains. This is also the time when all of the awards are presented to the Boys.

This year the winners were:
Year 8 Rower: Cooper Warman
Year 9 Rower: Angus Wilmot
Year 10 Rower: Joshua Soia
Year 11 Rower: Evan McAuliffe
Year 12 Rower: Isaac Broderick
The junior Rower of the year was Angus Wilmot
The senior Rower of the year was Evan Mcauliffe
The Overall Clubman Award recipient was Joshua Soia

Girls' training started on Wednesday 27 April and Boys' winter training starts on Monday 2 May.

Anyone interested in rowing in the Girls' Winter season or the All Schools' Winter season can obtain a registration form from the main school administration office.