Channel 9 Weather Watch

One of the students from the Mary Ward Learning Centre, Sally Sijbranda, is a keen Channel 9 weather watcher. She showed great leadership in suggesting to the class teacher to ask Channel 9 Weather Watch to our College. The class thought this was great idea and contacted Channel 9. ONE YEAR later it all happened!! Angela Tsun of Weather Watch, landed on our oval in a helicopter. With great excitement the students welcomed Angela, camera man Darbes, and pilot Stephan to the College. The students' task is to record the weather elements from August 20th - 24th August and report them to Weather Watch. The students have set up a Weather station with the specialised equipment gifted to the school. Be sure to tune in to Weather Watch about 6.20 pm, on the above dates, to hear of our leaders reporting the weather data to Channel 9. Video clips of the College visit will be shown. Well done to the students for taking charge of their learning journey (Habit 1) and great teamwork (Habit 6). Great Habits - Great Leaders!!

Gill Lyon
Coordinator Senior Mary Ward Centre