Around the Primary

Dear Parents

On Monday, our Year Six Drummers performed at Trinity College in the percussion section of the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. They certainly captured the audience's attention and all the students are to be commended on their amazing performance. Congratulations to Mrs Morell for preparing the students and doing such a fine job with the conducting. We now look forward to seeing the lively actions and fancy footwork of our Primary Dancers at the Perth Convention Centre next Wednesday night. We can honestly say, 'John XXIII College has talent'.

The students from 3G presented a wonderful item about the Olympics at today's assembly. It was very informative and enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Mrs Young for preparing the children so well and sincere thanks to the parents for dressing them up for the occasion. Well done to everyone!

We are also so proud of the all the students, staff and parents who are participating in cross-country training on such chilly mornings. The level of participation and mutual support is amazing! A big thank you to Mr Alderman for leading the way!

It was wonderful to see many parents of the children who are receiving their First Eucharist on the 16th September, at the Parent Meeting last Thursday night. Thank you to Mrs Vicoli, Miss Coniglio, Miss Nish, Mr Edwards and Fr Gaetan for all their hard work and preparation behind the scenes. Please keep the First Communicants in your prayers.

Next Wednesday 15th August the Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption, when Mary was taken to heaven, body and soul. This is a Holy Day of Obligation. As Catholics we are called upon by the Church to attend Mass on this day. We hope you can join us at 9am in the chapel.

As we approach the end of Founders' Time, we will come together in thanks and praise by participating in Mass on John XXIII Day next Friday the 17th August at 9am. This will be followed by the 'mini-fete' which will consist of various games and food novelties and then fun and fitness activities in the afternoon. I'm sure a magnificent celebratory spirit will be present on this special day.

Kind regards

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


Tuesday 14th August Cross Country Training at 7.30am
Wednesday 15th August

Feast of the Assumption Mass at 9am

Year 3 Musical Rehearsals (Whole Cast)
at 3.30pm
Primary Dancers Perth Convention Centre at 7pm
Thursday 16th August Cross Country Training at 7.30am
Friday 17th August John XXIII Day Mass at 9am

Congratulations to Laura Trapnell (6B) for receiving
the highest overall performance score at the Loftus
Challenge Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition and
being awarded a gold medal.