Week 3 has been busy for Magis. On Tuesday morning, after Mock Trials, I visited Corpus Christi to discuss some of the programs we have initiated here at John XXlll College through Magis. Corpus Christi has expressed a strong interest in adopting some of our programs and in working with our students on some extension initiatives. Late on Tuesday afternoon I had a meeting at UWA to discuss our Summer Design Studio that runs in January every year in ALVA. We are hoping to extend that program to include more students. Interested Year 11 students are welcome to discuss the program with me and information can be found on the Faculty web-site;

Parents and students are reminded that Sunday 12 August is UWA Open Day. This is a great opportunity for students to see the variety of courses on offer at the university.

Philosothon News from Matthew Wills

Congratulations to the philosophers in Queensland for organising the second national Philosothon last month on the Gold Coast. Thanks are due in particular to Lesley Sutherland and Peter Ellerton for all their hard work in putting this wonderful event together. About 22 schools are booked in for the upcoming Sydney Philosothon and 26 schools including John XXlll College are registered for the Perth Philosothon. Congratulations to Ballarat Grammar on winning the third Victorian Philosothon last week. The latest results are on the Philosothon website.

Some interesting facts-

  • There is now a northern NSW Philosothon in order to cater for the schools in the Coffs Harbour region. This will be held at Bishop Druitt College.
  • Also there are now several Primary School Philosothons which are being conducted around the country. In Melbourne recently the first Primary school Philosothon was run at the National Art Gallery. The first WA Primary School Philosthon will be held in Perth next year to be hosted by John XXIII College.
  • Also the first UK Philosothon will take place at Wells Cathedral College in 2013.
  • The third National Philosothon will be held in Melbourne in 2013.

Media Club

The Media Club filmed the Daily Notices again after school on Tuesday this week. Directed by Media Captain James Trapnell, this film crew is becoming very sophisticated. All students from Years 7 to 12 are welcome to join the Media Club and participate in our activities. Members of the John XXlll College community are welcome to view some of the work done by the Media Club at:

Mandorla Art Award

On Friday this week I will spend the day judging the Mandorla Art Award with visiting judges Dr Rod Pattenden and Dr Rachel Kohn. 65 works have been selected for the final judging. This takes all day with an official opening at 6pm in the Perth Town Hall. The Mandorla Art Award is Australia's most significant Christian art award. Details can be found on:

Mock Trials

Team Compassion won their trial last night, they defeated Wesley who were in the Grand Final last year. The next round is on 29th August.

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator