Year 7 News

From the Year 7 Homeroom Media Leaders:

The highlight of my Year 7 experiences so far has to be my classmates. I have grown to enjoy my classes and developed friendships along the way. Having such an open year group has made me feel comfortable and secure with my place at John XXIII College. And although this is just the beginning of Year 7, I can already tell it's going to be an amazing year.


Reporter: Ty Halvorson

This term we have learnt a lot about transitioning into high school, becoming organised and making new friends. What we have learnt hopefully will help us to the end of the rest of high school so our journey can be easier and more enjoyable. We have also learnt to get changed into sport uniform between classes and this has increased our organisational skills, so high school will be easier.

Reporter: Josh King

One of the highlights of Year 7 so far is playing in NAS sport. I played Touch and made so many great new friends. NAS gave an opportunity for everyone to play something they love or to learn something new. NAS opened up so many friendships in Year 7 which has made Term 1 amazing.


Reporter: Nicole Halvorson

This term I have really enjoyed meeting a lot of new people. This term I have developed some relatively close friendships and friendships that will last forever. I love the opportunity to get to try out two options each term as it broadens my knowledge of options. We have such great teachers and educators at this school; I am very happy with my choice of John XXIII College as my high school. The sport subject is very well organised and planned out as we have the ability to be fit and even educate ourselves through Physical Education. I love the fact that this school is religious so it is not just the normal subjects of school - the religious aspect is adding to our knowledge of life. All the equipment of this school is well shared out and is used with respect. The SEQTA idea is one of the best as it can make you organised for the next day so you are not all over the place. I'm looking forward to the holidays but I'm really looking forward to the rest of the school year.


Reporter: Charlotte Gellard

A highlight from my year at Year 7 would definitely be when I was told that I got 100% in my Math's test. It was the best feeling ever feeling like you have achieved something, my personal best. That was my personal highlight of the year.


Reporter: Jaron Vander Vinne

My Class at Work


Reporter: Anna Van Gent

A final word from Mrs Benson

I sincerely thank all students and families for filling my days with the happiest of memories. It has been such a pleasure to get to know you, work with you, laugh and even cry with you. My learning has been enriched by so many.

Thank you.

I wish Deacon Aaron Peters ( well as he takes on the role of Assistant Deputy Principal Year 7.

My wish for you all:


Mrs Sue Benson
Assistant Deputy Principal Year 7