The 50-day season of Easter continues until the feast of Pentecost, in mid-May.

'GOOD NEWS' for 3rd Sunday of Easter

Jesus stepped forward, took the bread and gave it to them, and did the same with the fish. (John 21:1-19)

The reflection for this Sunday's Gospel is by Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ, and is reprinted here with his kind permission. Father Andy is a Jesuit, a theologian and, among his other roles, the Media Officer for Jesuit Social Services.

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One of the most poignant stories in St John's Gospel tells of Jesus' last conversation with Peter. The setting is idyllic. Peter and the disciples have happily gone out fishing, caught nothing, been told by a stranger on the beach to fish on the other side of the boat. They have made a huge catch and recognised that the stranger was Jesus, who by then has made a fire to barbeque the fish for breakfast.

When their stomachs, minds and hearts are contentedly full, Jesus talks to Peter, asking him three times if he loves him. Peter answers that he does, each time more strongly, each time more distressed that the question should again be asked. Then Jesus says that when Peter was young he used to tie on his own clothing. But when he grows old someone else will tie a rope around him and take him where he would rather not go.

The story is moving because it speaks to our common experience, particularly of growing older. We have memories of idyllic family events which we remember as times of plenty and of love received and given. But we also have times of self-doubt, wondering whether we have really loved deeply or have given our families and friends the care and love they needed. We may also ask whether our faith has been for real. As we look back on where our lives have taken us, Jesus' questions to Peter strike echoes in our own hearts.

Jesus' later words to Peter are also poignant. As we grow older we are reminded repeatedly that we cannot do what we did when we were younger. We have to beg others' patience when we cannot remember names, or when we find ourselves repeating jokes. We have to think before crossing roads we would once have run across. We accept the offers of a seat on the train from people who look just as old as we are. We find that we cannot take good health for granted, and feel ourselves to be spectators rather than actors in the business of living.

In all these experiences we find ourselves led to places where we would rather not have gone. We face the risk of isolation or of despair that our lives have not amounted to much - our achievements now seem illusions, our hopes seem unfulfilled, and so many friendships have fizzled out.

But Jesus' words to Peter call him out of self-pity. Each time that he asks Peter whether he loves him, he also entrusts him with a task: to look after Jesus' followers. He is not to brood about his failings, but to focus his attention and his care on others.

After he has forecast Peter's later loss of freedom, Jesus says simply, 'Follow me'. He does not say, 'follow me, until you retire and are led away', but 'Follow me wherever your life takes you.' Jesus' words also takes us out of our self-preoccupation.

At Jesuit Social Services we work mainly with vulnerable young people, but also with people in vulnerable communities. They are also often tempted to see themselves as worthless, to doubt whether they are loveable and loving, and to feel themselves on the scrap heap. When we walk with them, our challenge is to encourage them to hope, to realise that they are a gift and have much to give.

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Our next joyous Community Liturgy, in the season of Easter, is Friday 29 April. Everyone, as always, is welcome - especially families new to the College. Our celebration continues with coffee in the Café, for those able to stay.

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