On Monday night this week I attended the AGM of Australia Philosophy in Schools at Curtin University. New committee members were voted in as well as office holders. I was nominated for the Committee and accepted. Dr Angela McCarthy from the University of Notre Dame was our quest speaker, talking about the Cultural DeCoding program we initiated at the University last year. People were very interested in the program and teachers from a number of schools took the enrolment forms away with them. People are very interested in our primary Philosothon and I expect many schools will want to be involved next year.

Our Philosophy Club is again meeting weekly in the Colloquium. Students from Year 7 to 11 are welcome. Students are asked to bring their lunch and a question to be discussed. Last week some really interesting questions were asked and at one point we pondered music and beauty. Sadly the end of lunch bell always cuts us short.

Media Club

Students are now fully immersed in the AV work for Presentation Night. The keynote design is finalised, as is the image for the overall motif of the night. Much discussion and thought has gone into this. A small group of students worked on a photo shoot earlier in the week with fantastic results. The College community will see the fruit of this work on 28 November. On Tuesday afternoon a skeleton Media Club crew filmed the daily Notices. Included in the Notices is a 'skit', written, performed and filmed by two Year 8 members of the Club. This can be viewed at:

Magis Primary

Coming to the end of a second year of Magis with the Primary Philosothon booked in with the Art Gallery of Western Australia for 21 June 2013, it is now time to consider what other program we might introduce to Primary? I have been discussing some ideas with Antoinette De Pinto and we hope to have a new program running for next year. We are examining the possibility of a unique program for John XXlll College and our feeder schools. We are looking at a problem solving based program involving computer technology, science, maths and the humanities running over two terms.

Annette Pedersen
Magis Coordinator