Around the Primary

Dear Parents,

It was wonderful to see so many Mums enjoying the liturgy with their children this morning and then spending some special time in classrooms. A big thank you to all the children who have been very busy preparing some lovely surprises for their Mums.

Thank you to Miss Davis, Miss Joyce, Ms Allen and Mrs Allen for organising our beautiful Mother's Day liturgy. We are so proud of the way the Year One children lead us through the prayers and songs. Special thanks to Fr Andrew from Notre Dame for celebrating Mass with us today.

On Thursday our Year 6 students participated in a retreat as part of their preparations for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The students have been learning about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, namely Wisdom, Understanding, Right Judgement, Courage, Knowledge, Reverence, Wonder and Awe and how these gifts can guide them through life and also assist them in their current roles as leaders in the Primary School.

During their prayer reflection the students proudly recited their leadership pledge, sang the College song and were also presented with their Leaders' shirts by Mrs Fry. They were very excited about modelling their new shirts around the Primary School!

NAPLAN testing will commence next week. All students in Years 3 and 5 are encouraged to do their best in the Reading, Spelling, Writing, Punctuation, Grammar and Mathematics tests.

A good night's rest, a healthy breakfast and positive encouragement will ensure the students complete the tests to the best of their ability.

Enjoy Mother's Day on Sunday!

Kind Regards,

Antoinette De Pinto
Head of Primary


Monday 12 May

Visit by Eagles

Tuesday 13 May

NAPLAN testing for Years 3 and 5

Maggie Dent Presentation 7pm

Wednesday 14 May

NAPLAN testing for Years 3 and 5

Thursday 15 May

NAPLAN testing for Years 3 and 5

OT Workshop for Kindy Parents (7pm start)

Friday 16 May

Primary Assembly (4B)

NAPLAN Catch Up Sessions

Some West Coast Eagles' players will be visiting the Primary School on Monday 12th May and a crew may be conducting some filming for their TV show, 'Eagle Vision'.

Please email Cath Philpot by 9 am Monday, 12th May if you do not wish you child/ren to be included in this filming.