On Thursday night our SmARTS students had their introductory session at The University of Western Australia. Year 11 Magis students Jessica Pham, Jacob Donovan, Matthew Lau, Stephanie Liddelow, Josh Girdler, William Paparo, Thomas McNeilly and Will Crouch met SmARTS students they will work with this year and their new university tutors. It will be exciting to see the results of their research later in 2012.


Remaining Star Gazing dates* for the first term of 2012:

15 March 7:00 - 8:30

22 March 7:00 - 8:30

Location: JTC Rugby Oval

These first Star Gazing nights are organised such a way that participants will:

- Learn how to setup and operate a telescope

- Recognise main visible constellations

- Locate and recognise most prominent objects of the night sky.

Students, parents and teachers are welcome to attend all our observing nights.

Any questions please contact Mr Mazur or Mr Gardner.

Peter Mazur:

Peter Gardner:

*In case of a rain or a cloudy weather meeting might be cancelled without a prior notice.

Mock Trials

Teams Compassion and Conscience have been meeting early in the morning to work on their case. On Thursday morning this week Justice Beech generously gave his time to put our barristers and witnesses through their paces. His advice is invaluable. Team Compassion will appear next Thursday night and people are very welcome to watch their trial in the Supreme Court beginning at 6pm.

Media Club

This week the Media Club took delivery of new film equipment and members have been busy using this to film their presentation for Open Day. Mr Sims and Ms Tesoriero have also initiated a College newspaper for students interested in print media. Many College students are enthusiastically working with both print and audio-visual media. Once the Open Day work is complete students will begin work on their JTC TV program. The Media Captains have called for students to submit designs for the backdrop for the news presentation.

Philosophy Club

The Philosophy Club met for the first time last week. Meetings will be fortnightly and interested students need to watch the Daily Notices for information. The topic to be discussed next week is: "Do animals have minds?" Any student from years 8 to 12 is welcome to come along

Radio Astronomy Talk