Young Vinnies Blanket Appeal

Do you have any spare blankets not being used at home? Please help our Young Vinnies 'Spread the Warmth'!

The Facts:

Perth, like all other major cities, attracts a disproportionate number of homeless persons, particularly rough sleepers. These people sleep in parks and reserves, open spaces and vacant buildings in the inner city area. Consequently homelessness is an important issue for all capital cities. The 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data identified 13,391 in Western Australia as being persons who were homeless with 8,704 of that number being in the Perth metropolitan area.

This winter the Young Vinnies Group will be conducting a blanket appeal. Any unused or old blankets would be very much appreciated. Please make sure that all donations are clean and hygienic.

WHEN: Week 8 (11th - 16th June)

HOW: Bring your blankets to be donated to homeroom every morning (a Young Vinnies volunteer will visit each homeroom and primary classroom every day during Week 8 to collect donations).

We thank you in advance for your support.

Miss Weston, Mrs Horner and the Young Vinnies Team