Dr Annette Pedersen - Magis & Ignatius Centre Coordinator

It has been a busy time for Magis planning. Last week I met with the Art Gallery of Western Australia's Education Officer to help plan the 2015 John XXlll College and Art Gallery of Western Australia's Art and Philosophy Day. As part of my post-doctoral research project, Inclusive Curricular, Teaching for Diversity, I worked with Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences. This led me to develop a program that I used with students at UWA. I have now adapted this to facilitate philosophical inquiry in the gifted program we are now involved with at the Art Gallery. Last year students from 30 different schools attended. This year the Gallery is running the event. I am helping to put it together. Already the Gallery has been inundated by enthusiastic responses to the invitation they sent out. This event for gifted Year 6 students occurs on 26 June. There is a later day at the Art Gallery for gifted Year 7 students on 6 November. This is run by Newman College.

I have also met with the Education Officer from the State Library of Western Australia. We are planning a workshop for gifted students from Years 9 and 10. This takes place from 22 June to 24 June and involves a HASS project. The pedagogic brief is to teach gifted students critical information literacy skills. Students will work with critical online research, citation conventions, primary and secondary historical sources and learn sophisticated search techniques. I am delighted that SLWA is providing our gifted students with such a wonderful learning experience.

Furthermore I met with my colleague Yasas Botenne from UWA's Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts to plan the 2016 secondary Design Studio. I initiated this studio at UWA with Professor William Taylor in 2002 and it has run annually since. It has proved to be hugely successful for the Faculty and for me in providing a unique extension opportunity for gifted students. I am happy to discuss this studio with parents or students. It is designed for students going into Year 12, but younger students may apply. Information about the studio can be found at: