Biological Sciences Excursion

On Thursday 30 April, approximately 40 Years 11 and 12 Biological Sciences students were able to benefit from a combined excursion to Peel Zoo to experience first-hand, the natural and man made challenges facing animals in their environments. Students learnt all about the current status of dingoes and Tasmanian devils, and it should be noted that Peel Zoo has a very successful breeding program for the Tasmanian devils, as well as having the opportunity to get up close and personal with dingoes and some rather friendly reptiles. After a fairly intensive program involving three presentations by the Zoo's resident biologist Sharni, the students had the opportunity to hand feed an assortment of animals including kangaroos, emus, alpacas, deer and ponies. Students were also able to experience the Zoo's walk through aviary where some lucky students were able to hand feed the birds.


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