Open Doors into the Future

The metaphor can be applied in myriad moments of our life - and especially as we enter into the annual 6-week season of Lent, which commences next Wednesday (13th February). Secondary students will hear the reading from Matthew Chapter 6 proclaimed. Jesus talks about opening the door in three ways. We are called to open our hearts in prayer - prayer for the needs of others and prayer that gently softens us from within. We are called to open our eyes to habits which may not be sustainable. And we are called to open our purses in a spirit of generosity to assist those in need, a long tradition in the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

There is something in the metaphor of opening doors and crossing a threshold that is rich with new possibilities. Indeed, Lent is a time for renewal - a change of heart. In this six-week journey between Ash Wednesday and Easter - THE feast of the Church year - we are nourished and gently challenged to reflect on our habits and perhaps forge new ones!

Some families have their own traditions for Lent and some parishes offer Lenten programs. Caritas offers some practical suggestions for families who don't have their own traditions:

To open our hearts in prayer, go to:

Includes Stations of the Cross and reflections on Sunday Gospels

To open our eyes to little lifestyle changes we might consider, there is a great calendar of ideas at:

And to open ourselves to the needs of others, take a look at how lives can be transformed through our unostentatious, but generous giving. See the six short heart-warming videos at

'Open doors' is an appropriate metaphor for our College in this Year of Faith. Fifty years ago, in convening the Second Vatican Council, our founder Pope John XXIII promised to open the Church to bring it into the modern world. There is still much to be done. As 'Church', we can individually and collectively help to 'Open Doors into the Future' this Lent.

On Ash Wednesday all students will participate in a short liturgy of ashes. Parishes will also have scheduled Masses and Distribution of Ashes liturgies - so check on your own parish website, or go to:

Mary-Anne Lumley
Liturgist and Parish Liaison